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The Black Series 3.75" - 2013 Wave 1

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The figures still look well done, as before, but just nothing that is too exciting I guess.  I'll pick up some of these, but honestly, the lack of build a droid parts makes it easier for me to pass on some as well.  None of them look bad, mind you, but I have previous versions that I'm happy enough with already.  I'm in for probably all the OT ones, and a couple others like Anakin and Padme.

I'm probably going to pick up everything, including multiple Clones and Bikers. My original SA/Entertainment Earth AOTC Clones are yellowing, as are my VOTC Bikers from 2006, so I'm more than happy to replace them with the new versions. :-\

I feel the way I did last summer when we saw this stuff at Comic Con...

They look fine, but...there's noting "new" there.  Right now, I'll decide on these when I see them in the stores.

darth broem 2:
I like the "new" Padme.  Anakin will work as an extra Jedi I suppose?  Maybe custom fodder.  I actually like Yavin Luke.  I didn't like the 30th anniversary version that much.  Not that this one is tons better but it's decent.  Biggs is okay.  I'm not interested in another Biker Scout.  Vader is okay. 

It's just nothing there that is "Wow!!!   Look at that!!!" 

Jesse James:
I'm about the same but this wave was to be BAD, and you had the parts to look forward to...  I'm amazed more people aren't actually pissed about that since, well, the droids were the value-adder and the "fun" of a line like that.  Without them, this wave is a lot less impressive...  yeah you might get the droids at some point, most likely, but without them included as pack-ins to me that's the crummy news right now.

Folks are mad about those Yoda card figures...  I get it I guess, but to me nothing in those was very great.  Build-A-Droid's cancellation was a much more depressing thing, to me.  $10 figures were soemwhat more worth it and that's out the window.  Oh well.


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