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Having finally gotten this wave in the past couple of weeks, it's left me thinking.  Is this one of the last gasps in the basic figure line for Prequel Trilogy & EU figures?  The rumor mill seems to be indicating that the basic figure line is going to be shifting focus towards the OT, the REBELS series, and eventually Episode VII.  It comes across as a bit of a letdown since there are still some PT characters that would've been nice to get around to.  Cin Drallig comes to mind.

But mostly?  I'm really glad that Hasbro got to Merumeru.  I've been wanting a figure of this particular Wookiee ever since one of the ROTS teaser trailers came out and showed Merumeru leading a company of Wookiee warriors.  Hasbro really seems to have delivered with this particular Wookiee, and I'm genuinely pleased not just by the fact that the figure came out at all, but by how well it was executed, too.  Merumeru looks FAR BETTER than the ROTS Tarfful figure, and works well with some of the best sculpted Chewbacca figures.

I'd definitely like to see Hasbro revisit some of the Wookiees if at all possible.  I agree with Jesse, that the smaller of the Wookiee warrior figures was somewhat lacking in terms of leg articulation.  And Tarfful was not so great, either.  If Hasbro can get around to these Wookiees in a fashion similar to Merumeru?  That would be fantastic!

Jesse James:
Lolz at "phalic" staff.   :D


--- Quote from: Jesse James on March 28, 2014, 04:31 PM ---Lolz at "phalic" staff.   :D

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Found a fresh case of these on the pegs at Target.  Nabbed the Plagueis... figure I could help out a local (and if they don't need him; a member).

I finally uncarded Merumeru from this wave yesterday.  And when I stood him up next to some ROTS era Wookiee Warrior figures, he's actually a little bit on the short side.  Either that, or the ROTS era Wookiee figures are just ridiculously tall.


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