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The Black Series 3.75" - 2013 Wave 3

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According to GH, there are 19 Black Series figures planned for 2013.  If Wave 1 has 8, and Wave 2 has 6, I guess that leaves 5 for Wave 3 -

Anyone want to guess the line-up?  Here's a list of "who's left" from the unreleased Droid Factory figures...

- Geonosian Warrior
- TIE Pilot (Vader's Wingman)
- Geonosis Battle Droid (Red)
- Sandtrooper (Black Pauldron)
- 212th Clone (on VC45 body)
- Clone Wars Mace Windu
- Clone Wars Captain Rex
- A-Wing Pilot
- BAD FA-4
- BAD TC-70
- BAD R5-X2
- BAD R8-B7

Jesse James:
Definitely the wave of choice. :P


Jedi Temple Archives says that BAD droids are possibly headed for an exclusive multi-pack.

Clean the slate and go with totally new figures. They are not tied to the prequel rereleases anymore. This whole day was like groundhog day with celebration six, pathetic no new figures from ground up shown

Jesse James:
That's my only real disappointment today, was that there were no new ground-up figures we didn't already know about in 3.75" scale...  anything new was really 6", aside from exclusives.

I liked the exclusive announcements for sure though, and I like getting some of those figures they are giving us, but ground-up 3.75" newness would've gone a long way to making people happy.   Oh well.


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