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Yeah, ground-up newness in Wave 3 would go a LONG way to improve he line's future going forward. 

If Wave 3 is just more of the Droid Factory left-overs (as much as I want that realistic Rex and black Pauldron Sandtrooper), it's going to be a let down obviously.

Based on this list, who do I think makes the cut?

- Geonosian Warrior
- TIE Pilot (Vader's Wingman)
- Geonosis Battle Droid (Red)
- Sandtrooper (Black Pauldron)
- 212th Clone (on VC45 body)
- Clone Wars Mace Windu
- Clone Wars Captain Rex
- A-Wing Pilot

Unless, of course, there are other figures that were in the pipeline that hadn't been revealed, and were stronger character choices!

The news about a possible Build-A-Droid exclusive pack is somewhat reassuring.  I'm thinking either Entertainment Earth as a likely venue.  Lord knows that Adam Pawlus loves his droids!

Like mentioned earlier, I think it would be good to put a few new figures in these waves.  It just seems like nothing new when we've seen these figures since last summer-ish and there really wasn't anything new to announce.  I guess their big push with collectors will likely be the 6" stuff right now too, but at least they are keeping this line going too.  Should continue to be a cheaper year for collecting, with only 19 figures here expected, and I think I'll only be buying half or so of these.  There just isn't much to get me interested in clonetroopers at this point, I'm happy enough with the previous versions for now at least.

Honestly I'd be happy with any of those remaining figures, except for maybe the 212th Clone. I'm guessing we don't hear about anything from this wave until SDCC.

Snively Bandar:
From JTA's Hasbro Q&A (Part 3) at Toyfair:

--- Quote ---Question:  How many figures can we expect to see in the upcoming "Black Series" 3.75" line and how many will be brand new figures?

Answer:  There will be 19 figures (this year) and all are from the cancelled Droid Factory line.
--- End quote ---

So if that's accurate, I guess the better question is which two Droid Factory figures didn't make the final cut...  I'm hoping it's the Clone and Battle Droid.  Growing quite tired of those, I am.  I guess I'm OK with this news, since I generally hate "cancelled" items.  Sure, it means no new figure news for quite some time, but I'm enjoying the break, to be honest.


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