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The Black Series 3.75" - 2013 Wave 3

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Jesse James:
Yeah I can't say the break's killing me either...  money saved.  I'm trying to make life a little easier on myself for the inevitable return of things.

Breaks like this always help me find less stuff to want to buy too, when things do pick back up.  I usually am happy enough to pass on the things I'm even a little iffy on when it gets back in full swing.

Wave 3 Images Mace Windu, Commander Neyo, Darth Palgueis, and Vizam

Yay. One figure I'd actually pay $10 for.

So far with the black collection that makes, maybe 3 total.

Rune Haako:
Plagueis is the gem of the wave. :o

Jesse James:
I've never been a fan of Plagueis being an alien...  especially one of those ones.  So I'll get him but for me that Nikto Goon and Mace are nice additions...  But is that the whole wave?  4 figures?  Neyo wasn't high on my update list, and I'm to the point that unless they do Clone Wars style headsculpts and extra helmets, Clone COmmanders feel like a waste.  You couldn't really with Gree, but Cody, a made up Neyo, Bly...  I'd like to see that happen but Hasbro seems to not want to do Phase I & II styles.

BTW, glare much?  Holy moly on the bright light...  LIke they're all entering heaven.


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