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Jesse James:
Agreed...  The figure selection has been bad.  I blame a lot of it on just these huge assed gaps.  Imagine if by now things had been flowing as normal?  Might've been some cool stuff in BAD once that initial AOTC wave passed.  Maybe not.  Either way the dry span here has pretty much killed the hobby for many.

I'm into new stuff, but I'm with Jeff and Scott...  That initial Black Series wave is pretty meh compared to what I now want.  I know there's several of those I don't blan on getting at this stage.  Not for what they want.

I'm anxious for NEW or resculpts of REALLY old stuff.  Mosep for sure.  He's my top Cantina alien...  If they did Lafoe I'd go nuts.  A new Antilles, some new Endor Rebels, the Snaggletooth from Jabba's Palace, Sgt. Doallyn...  Hell I 'd be into a resculpt of any of the 3-pack Cantina aliens except I guess Snaggletooth now.  Nabrun Leids done now though?  Bet he'd be awesome.

There where a few that got taken off the lists last year but they got taken off before the championship round.

No CW this year? Makes sense. Your going to let us vote for them in the EU poll?

Jesse James:
I'm actually pretty happy to vote in ROTS...  I could think of quite a few resculpts I'd buy, and CLone Commanders are in my top 10.  ROTS I just dig more, as a movie, than the previous two...

I'd kinda dig a Clone Wars vote since they ARE doing realistic, and I hear things, that CW realistic isn't dead by any means to Hasbro.  :-\

That said, I see where the votes were largely ignored too...  Last couple years, Hasbro's had everything so jumbled, I think it's inevitable though and hopeful it'll be getting straightened around with new movies and things kind of now sinking into place.  Maybe a bit more stability in that regard will be a boon to the line as a whole.

So Merumeru FINALLY shows up on a figure rumor list for this year or early next year?  I've had him on my ROTS wishlist ever since the movie came out.  Still, I'm skeptical that it's actually happening.

Are we going to do any CW or EU ones?  I realize that these are usually done before SDCC and we hand the Tournament of Champions list to a Hasbro rep so it's probably pointless to do.  Still these are fun.


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