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Any chance that we might be able to revise our TPM lists if R5-X2 winds up getting confirmed in some sort of multipack/exclusive, Scott?

What I do is if a figure is announced, the 11th figure on the list moves up a spot...there is no revoting

I get the sense that the wind may have been taken out of the sails of this year's wishlists.  Any chance that we'll be moving on from the AOTC list?

Really hoping that SDCC knocks the ball out of the park and gets us some wishlist figures this Winter/next Spring.  So tired of seeing the same figures over and over and over and over and over again on these lists (Kitster/Wald, Cliegg, Mosep, Doallyn, Slim Aloo, Toryn Farr, etc).

If SDCC once again gives us nothing new this year, there may be no point in doing the lists next year.  :(

Yeah I am really bummed about this as there were no new figures made off of the list from last year when in a typical year there are between 10-20.   It is amazing how bad the TPM 3D effort totally screwed over the line as I really think we would have gotten some cooler AOTC and ROTS figures this year


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