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--- Quote from: Jesse James on March  6, 2013, 12:59 AM ---I didn't realize everyone thought he was an Endor Commando?  I never really did.  I was a hipster of knowing he wasn't an Endor Rebel I guess.  :P

--- End quote ---
I didn't realize that anyone didn't think that he was. Considering that every single time that image was printed he was identified as a rebel.

It's little things like this that make me want a figure of some characters. I had no desire for this guy before but now that he has this long history of being misidentified I would very much like a figure of him.

Jesse James:
I always figured he was a cast-off chracter, but never figured he was a Rebel...  There was a little outfit continuity among them, and there's scenes where you can see them all...  He was never anywhere.  I figured at best he was a dropped design.

I always figured he was a CCG designer who made a character of himself.

Jesse James:
The CCG's really blurred a lot for people, yes. :)

The CCG is one of the few places that didn't misidentify him because they never made a card of him.


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