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I think 10 figures is alright for 6 inch... isn't that a year of figures in that line anyway?

I think this is the year I stop playing the "who else can I put on my list to get it to ten names" game. 

With the current delicate state of the Hasbro 3.75" Star Wars line, I don't think I can in good faith lobby Hasbro to add someone like Erdan or Jira into the line.  :-\

Looks like RotJ's "Rebel with Nice Hat" has officially been reclassified as one of Jabba's Henchman:
For story:

(and thanks to Yak)

And that makes him even less likely to be made into figure form than before.

Jesse James:
I didn't realize everyone thought he was an Endor Commando?  I never really did.  I was a hipster of knowing he wasn't an Endor Rebel I guess.  :P


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