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Disney Kills LucasArts

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I liked the Empire at War games they put out in 06-ish, and Battlefront was okay but yeah, they've come out with a lot of junk since the 2000's. Did anyone else play those terrible games based on Episodes I and III? Meh to me either way, I still bust out Shadows of the Empire and the first two Rogue Squadrons from time to time so Lucasarts will live on in my memory through those games.

Just wish I could find my X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter disc. It's here somewhere. ???

Jesse James:
Could probably get it for super cheap off Ebay...

Jedi Defender ran a good link to a story today on Social Media reminding fans just of what I'm saying here...  People are remembering Lucasarts fondly, but they're remembering LA from MANY years ago.  The company's largely contracted out most games since their golden age of PC games.

People can cite Force Unleashed and stuff, but were those games great?  Like I said, at one point LA was a gaming company that gave you compelling story and additional EU within a game, innovated a gaming genre rather than just making a Star Wars version of something that already existed, and they revolutionized some gaming platforms.

KOTOR was, to me, their last great hit...

I enjoyed other games.  Republic Commando, Bounty Hunter, all the Rogue Squad games, Force Unleashed...  But those games were really not very revolutionary.  Good stories maybe, but the company leading the way was dead after KOTOR, and again LA didn't really make KOTOR. 

X-Wing, TIE Fighter, XW: Alliance, Rebel Assault I & II, Dark Forces, Jedi Knight/MOTS, and even the Super Nintendo games were all fairly big changes, or truly original games for their format...

Hell, people didn't really like Force Commander, but it was ambitious, and it ultimately paved the way for 3-D RTS gaming when NOBODY was doing it.

Republic Commando was a LITTLE different, and kind of innovative...  It gets an honorable mention.  Graphically speaking, TFU made good use of its generation of consoles, but that was really it.  Bounty Hunter wasn't ground breaking but had good graphics for a GC game and compelling story.  Gameplay, average and covered no new turf.

The article JD's Twitter feed linked to ended with the LA people are lamenting died a long time ago though, and with that I totally 100% agree.  Even Battlefront was simply a Star Wars clone of Battlefield, to the point they barely changed the name and just slapped Star Wars: ahead of it...   :-\

I still look back at those old DOS games and early CD ROM games with a tear in my eye.  Those were games you were immersed in, and couldn't stop playing.  Geez, some have customizing communities STILL because updates to true Flight Sims for SW have never been done despite flight simulators coming out every year for PC's and today's machines being capable of insane stuff with that genre...  Star Wars sat idle.

Lucasarts has been dead for a lot longer than this week, people just didn't realize it.  My friend called them a company of smoke and mirrors, all the way back almost 10 years ago, and I agree with him.  Lots of big promises and no deliveries.  Inept management.  Shoddy product often times when it maybe finally did make it out.

Waiting for Disney to cancel the sequels and shut down Lucasfilm entirely. WE ONLY BOUGHT IT TO DESTROY IT!

Jesse James:
The ultimate plan of Lucas all along!

Mock Jar Jar?  F You fanboys!  Bwahahaha


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