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Disney Kills LucasArts

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I just don't understand the angst about this,  LucasArts has been shut for a long time. As JJ said, a mutual acquaintance of ours with intimate knowledge of the situation said they have been crap for is business,Disney won

I don't care that much, hadn't bought one of their games since TIE FIGHTER. It's just added to a growing list of Star Wars things Disney has ended/cancelled, is the Mouse cleaning house? Will all fansites using official images/logos be shut down by Disney's god-like legal team?

I think the last rue good game Lucasarts put out was Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy.  Fun games to play with excellent storylines.  The Dark Forces games are truly the best to come out of Lucasarts.

Jesse James:
My last great love from them was probably Alliance...  I liked other games, but nothing caught me like Alliance did.

Outcast and moreso Academy were good games though.  They never were as good as Jedi Knight and MOTS were though, to me.  They were more clones...  Academy really stepped it up a bit though and took you inside that idea of the Jedi Order being reborn.  No game ever touched that before, or since.


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