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Sequel Prequel?

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Hmmm.  The date on the pages indicate that this *COULD* be a work in progress.  Dave Filoni and some of his writing team are reportedly among the few to survive the layoffs at Lucas Animation.  And Filoni is reportedly working on treatments for some future Star Wars animated project.

More of that "other Jedi survived the purge besides Kenobi and Yoda" stuff. Not sure how I feel about that because Yoda had some pretty damn powerful super senses.

Chiss leader of the Empire remnants that isn't Thrawn? WHAAAAT?

Sounds super awesome to me, well most of it anyway.

The Shade? Freaking cool.

Talz sidekick Muffie? Ugh.

I have to wonder if this would ever see the light of day though. Anything that has a connection to 1313 seems like a lost cause now.

Also note that the character Sky Bonteri who is a Jedi...I wonder who his parents could be?

I think chances of Asohka showing up in Episode VII are at about 95%...if this treatment is indeed true, my hunch is probably spot on...ugh


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