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Sequel Prequel?

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Reading the treatment left me pretty underwhelmed and I hope it doesn't come to pass. An entire Jedi monastery that escaped the Emperor's notice...and Luke choosing to stand as a solitary vigilante? And Muffie!? I'd have to ditch my identity in shame!!

I'd guess Lando's 15 year old daughter would have been conceived right around the time he was infiltrating Jabba's palace...maybe her mom was a slave dancer? Or maybe that's the indiscretion Leia is worried will be discovered? Naw, not obvious enough.

Droids as bad guys is just too prequely to me...why not droids fighting their slave status (and the Jedi taking their side) if we need human vs droid conflict? And a mandalorian with an arm that transforms into a gun or a saber. Ugh.

I was gung-ho for the sequels, but if this is the direction we are heading...less so.

RS is reporting the story is fake. 


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