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Are you ready for yearly Star Wars films?

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""Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm announced today at CinemaCon in Las Vegas that Star Wars: Episode VII will hit theaters in the summer of 2015 and that every summer after that will offer a "Star Wars" film, alternating with one of the standalone films."

So, to recap, that's:

2015 - Episode VII
2016 - standalone SW film
2017 - Episode VIII
2018 - standalone SW film
2019 - Episode IX

Jesse James:

Yes, yes I am ready.  And I'm ready to go into them with just an open mind and either enjoy or not, based on them by themselves, and not let them impact how I feel about the OT, or PT, or any other T.

Awesome.  The only bumer is that I'm going to be out like $200 in Star Wars movie tickets over the next five years.

I'm ready.  Like Jesse, I'm ready to just take them in an enjoy them (or not).  That's one thing I really took away from the initial announcement back during the Disney news breaking is that new Star Wars movies might go on and on, and outlive all of us now.  It will become such a larger franchise, and everyone will have their favorites - much like Bond, Trek, Marvel, etc.  I know, most likely, the OT will always be "my" Star Wars - no matter how much I may or may not enjoy what is coming up.  I'm looking forward to it all personally.  More Star Wars (and new Star Wars) on the big screen?  Yes please.  It really sounds like they want a Marvel-ish approach with this, where they can have a big tentpole movie every year with the SW brand now.

I have to admit, I also thought about it from the collecting prospective too.  It could really change the way things are run going forward, starting in 2015 at least.  If we're getting a new movie each year, the line could conceivably rebrand each year to tie in with the movie, or maybe they'll have one "Saga" collection and one focusing on the new stuff.  It is difficult to say, and will Hasbro even be the producer for everything?  We'll see.  I know I'll most likely be buying some of it, and if I get into it big, space is really going to start becoming a concern.  I can't imagine what completists are thinking, I think I'd be crying thinking of trying to grab everything from a constant stream of movie lines until....forever :).  Anyways, it is exciting news either way.

Bring it!   ;D ;D ;D


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