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Are you ready for yearly Star Wars films?

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Jesse James:
I got a couple local buddies with 4 and 5 year old boys...  I envy them.  It's good timing.

I think that's the guys who should be most excited are the ones with lil kids.

So, Disney decides to kill all other SW related entertainment for the 2-3 years to drum up some hunger for the new movies, but then all concern about manufacturing anticipation goes out the window and they're ready to crank em out relentlessly like a new line of cars each year?

Don't get me wrong, I love having new SW movies coming with some regularity, I just don't see how stuff like 1313 and the Clone Wars show were really going to mute the impact of the ST as far as a pop culture phenomemon. They should have left that stuff alone or better yet used it as a platform to set the stage for the next stories.

I Am Sith:

--- Quote from: Jesse James on April 17, 2013, 09:29 PM ---I think that's the guys who should be most excited are the ones with lil kids.

--- End quote ---

Count my family in.  My boys are 8 & 9 and cannot wait for the new movies.  They are about as excited as I am...   ;)

Jesse James:
I think CW basically got canned so the same people could be moved to a new project...  more or less...  Filoni is already reportedly on the next animated project, so I'd guess that's partly why Clone Wars was sort of wrapped up as best it could be.

1313 I think may very well happen.  I think rumors of its total demise are overstated...  It may not be any good but I think it might still yet come out just a little later while it goes through the rumored changes.

Star Wars XI: The Search for More Money.


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