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Carbon Freeze Me or make yourself a Stormtrooper!

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Very cool - Carbon Freeze Me is returning!  Or you can make a statue of yourself as a Stormtrooper!

Jesse James:
Damn right that's cool...  :) 

I like this better than the Carbonite slab honestly.  I sure hope this is available next year as I'm hoping I might be able to slip away to SWW next year.

I like the Stormtrooper better as well.  Would be great to see one up close first, but I would spring for this if I ever get down there.

I didn't see the scale listed for the stormies... are they 3.75" too?

Jesse James:
I'm guessing they're the same scale as the Carbonite block which is a good bit over 3.75", IIRC.  I think anything in the 3.75" range would piss off Hasbro without the say-so on it.


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