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Ok guys you can call me crazy... but hey. David Tree, who does the farthest shows here in the uk, asked me to do a presentation on Kubricks for the next Farthest show it got me thinking. Loads of fans it seems put out books for fans and as of yet there is nothing out on Kubricks, most people just confuse them for Lego. So...

This is a VERY rough idea of where I was thinking I might go so please ignore all the things like graphics, this is literally something I've cooked up in 5 minutes on Publisher. As the Kubrick line takes a huge amount of its cues from the vintage line I was thinking a book that celebrated the link, so rather than just a page by page count of each Kubrick figure, show the vintage figure along with it (might get a bit stumped on some but for the most part I think most of them are there).

Any thoughts?

That's a fantastic idea.  I've been waiting for this book for a long time.  If this could be done for $70-$100 per copy and be as exhaustively comprehensive as possible it would be a winner for me.  Watch out for the Disney Legal hammer.

Thanks dude, yeah on the Disney front, not sure how to sort that...I mean loads of fan books are out so must be an easy way...

And I do want to have almost everything in... Just got to find the bits and pieces I'm missing from my own collection...

Very cool  ;D

It is definately very cool, and I would be down for one for sure. I've been meaning to get good pics and do catalog for myself, this would save me time and look way better!


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