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I'm honestly for drafting anytime that works for everyone else, but I don't agree with the need to draft earlier to ensure we have added waiver time.  The vast majority of the time, you shouldn't need to make a waiver claim between the end of the draft and week 1.  In the event that you do need to make a change, you have Saturday to do so.  Pushing the draft earlier means we all have less information on player health and more risk that any player can develop an injury prior to the start of the season.  If we had drafted a week sooner and someone wasted a high pick on Andre Brown, or even earlier and grabbed Le'veon Bell, they would be pretty dissapointed as well.  There's no one on the waivers that could compensate you for the loss of those draft picks, so drafting as late as possible really is the fairest approach.  You must really be excited about someone on the waiver given it's just one guy for one week...

Ok guys, Iíve been in discussions with Justin about a waiver issue he has.  The background story is thus:

On September 10th Justin PMíd me to indicate he had inadvertently dropped Julian Edelman for the Washington Defense.  He tried to pick him up again immediately but was unable to do so because Yahoo setting put a two day wait on picking up your own guy again right away.  This is consistent across the leagues Iíve played in though I donít honestly know if this is adjustable on Yahoo (I canít check while Iím at work, Yahoo is blocked). 

I explained to Justin that I canít do anything about Edelman (and trust me this is difficult because Iím the guy who ended up with him off waivers) because the two day wait on players you drop has been consistent in all JD leagues that Iíve ever played in (we can discuss whether we want to change that going forward, but itís not the point right now).  Justin was accepting of that though he was unaware of the two day wait. 

Justin subsequently requested that I restore his waiver wire position to #2 position where he feels he should be, rather than at #9.  As this conversation did start prior to the week 1 waivers being processed I indicated Iíd put it to the league for a vote. 
So am I restoring Justinís waiver position? Yes or No? 

Just to add some clarity here...

I dropped Edelman for a second defense week 1.  No accident and totally my fault.  I had waiver position #3 and figured I could probably get him back when waivers processed the following week if I really needed to.  The system wouldn't even let me put in a claim for him though.  I tried contacting Brent and posted on the site, but Brent was out of town.  Wasn't sure if this was a glitch or what, so I tried putting in a claim for another player dropped about the same (A. Brown) just to test the system.  That claim request worked - I thought I deleted it, but it still went through for some reason.  We have come to figure out that if you drop a guy, you cannot put a claim on him the following week - don't know why and don't agree with it, but at least now we know. 

Now, Brent did pick up Edelman, but he had the #1 waiver spot anyway.  I took the risk in dropping him, so that's my loss and on me regardless of the waiver setup.  I have no issues with that pick up beyond kicking myself for dumping him in the first place.  What is bothersome though is that I lost my wavier pick.  I believe oth guys in front of me have picked up players, so I should be at #1 now (if Winterfell Wolves haven't grabbed anyone, then I should be at #2).  I missed out on pickups this week because of my low waiver priority, so unfortunately this single waiver issue has had multiple negative consequences for me. 

Ultimately, the mistake was mine, but it was made without fully understanding the wavier rule for adding back players you drop.  I don't think any of us knew about this from what I've heard thus far.  I'm not asking that anyone change out any of the players they've picked up, but I do think it's fair to at least restore my waiver priority to #1 to set things right.  Thanks for hearing me out and sounds like you can vote one way or the other on the site.  Good luck to everyone this week!


Scored 2nd most points this year...missed the playoffs.  Proving once again how much luck is involved in FF!

Good Luck to all who did make it.

And I squeaked in at 6-7, with possibly the worst team I've ever drafted.  It was my fifth draft (too many...) and after the first two I tried to do things differently so I wouldn't have the same team over and over... I avoided Spiller, Brady, and Wayne like the plague everywhere else... here?  Why not....


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