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--- Quote from: Scott on December  3, 2013, 12:17 PM ---Scored 2nd most points this year...missed the playoffs.  Proving once again how much luck is involved in FF!

Good Luck to all who did make it.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, pretty much.  It's amazing how much luck is involved in this. 

BTW, Ridley should be gold next year.  He's only crap when I own him (twice now) and I'll likely avoid him next year. 


--- Quote from: Rob on December  3, 2013, 02:41 PM ---And I squeaked in at 6-7, with possibly the worst team I've ever drafted. 

--- End quote ---

Ditto for me at 7-6.  Not holding out much hope against the 3rd place Banthas though.  My squad vs. Manning, B. Marshall, Peterson, V. Davis...?  Seriously?  How are you only in 3rd place?  I will need Gronk to get all four of Brady's TD's this week against Cleveland just to keep up.  I should have tanked and shot for 8th place like Rob.   ;)

Felled by a snowstorm.  Oh, the irony. 

I didn't think I had much of a shot against Cory this week.  Good season and good luck to everyone moving on!

Wait, we're not still playing? 

Ok, then congrats to What the Deuce? on eeking out a win in classic fantasy football fashion.  Up by a slim margin with the opposition still having Vernon Davis to play, Davis puts up a subpar game (there's something in my eye coach).  Fickle fantasy gods fell another team. 

So looking forward to next year, are we using reverse draft order to this year's order of finish or are we going to continue with random draft order as set by Yahoo?


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