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LEGO Sets - Do You Keep the Boxes?

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After having our basement flood this spring, it reinforced to the Mrs. that my "crap" takes up too much of our storage areas in our house.  That said, I've been going through everything over the past month and have recently come to the stash of LEGO boxes.  I really only got into LEGO over the past couple of years, as our daughter loves putting them together and it is a fun thing to do with her.  Plus, I've gotten more and more into the sets in general and seeing all that LEGO can (and has) done with not only Star Wars, but other licensees.

Now, we've pretty much gone about the idea that once we've put them together, they stay together and are played with, displayed, etc.  I've always kept the boxes with the booklets and extra pieces, just in case I'd need to take them apart/pack them up or whatever.  That being said, they are taking up a lot of space so I'm considering pitching them and just putting all the booklets and extra stuff in a rubbermaid or something.  I was curious for those of you who have been in the LEGO game longer, do you keep the boxes or condense things down?  Do you keep all of your sets built, or disassemble them and put them back in the boxes?  Just trying to decide which way to go.  Thanks for any advice.

I've kept all the boxes, but I have disassembled my sets and moved them once, and will probably have to do so again.  This time around, when I reassembled them, I part all the extra parts in a gallon zip lock bag.  I have also put boxes inside boxes to save some space, but they do take up a lot of space, especially if you have every set.

The only packaging I keep is Gentle Giant... because you can't resell or move them without it.  Everything else is recycling.

Jesse James:
I've been on this debate myself, over LOTR sets...  They certainly hog space.  :-\

We're looking at "wall papering" the play room/office room with the covers of LEGO set boxes. I was keeping them in case I resold them, but that's not going to happen.


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