Author Topic: Who are these People!!!  (Read 7649 times)

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Who are these People!!!
« on: August 12, 2003, 02:53 PM »
With the confusion in the Rebelscumians thread, I thought I'd solidify the community here a bit more, and give us a chance to introduce/reintroduce ourselves. No need to follow my formula, post whatever you want.

I guess I'll go first.


Name: Ed
Age: 26
Occupation: Art Director
Location: New York City, NY
Status: Taken, Girlfriend.
Pet: Australian Cattle Dog

I've been collecting Star Wars since I could hold the figures in my hand. I first saw A New Hope when it was rereleased right before The Empire Strikes Back. I was about 3 years old, and I had a Darth Vader candy dispenser. My feet didn't even touch the floor. I was a fan from then on.
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Re: Who are these People!!!
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2003, 03:01 PM »
Hi Ed!


Name: Scott
Age: 28
Occupation: Engineer (Chemical to be exact)
Location: Twin Cities, MN
Status: Married (5 years!)
Children: One Son, JediMAX
Pet: Cat
Toy Lines I collect: SW, Simpsons, Marvel, MOTU, LOTR, Kubricks (especially Sesame Street)
Sports Teams: Vikings, Twins, Wild, T-Wolves
Band: Pearl Jam

Saw Empire before I saw SW which I then saw on "cable TV".  First figure was a Vintage Han Solo which I got after I got a shot at the doctors office.  I sorta quit collecting in 1983 until 1995 when POTF2 came out.  Disposable income and a house has tranformed me into a toy collecting machine.  I like to camp, fish, hunt, play basketball, video games, drink beer and Whiskey!  I also love to cook and spend time with my family.  I am also a Fantasy Football commisioner which provides me with hours of entertainment from fall til mid winter.
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Re: Who are these People!!!
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2003, 03:22 PM »
Cory H. aka Jango Fettish
Name: Cory Hyman
Age: 24
Occupation: Self Employed
Location: Lake Norman, NC, soon to be ______, MN
Status: Engaged, GF of 5 years
Children: Myself
Pet: Tabby cat named Harley
Toy Lines: Various McFarlane, mostly MM
Sports Teams: Bucs
Bands: Hatebreed, Slayer, Evanescence, Coldplay, Linkin Park, etc

Hmm, been a SW fan for as long as I can remember. First SW toy was an ESB Milly Falcon I got for X-Mas in 1983. Sports kind of forced everything else to the back seat, so I became a "Born Again" true blue Star Wars fan when Episode 1 came out. Big fan of the OT. I think everyone knows what I am famous, or infamous, for. If not, go to and see for yourself.

My collecting habits have tapered off almost completely, replaced by a new found DVD passion.

I'm a hardcore football fan, I'll watch games even if the Buc's aren't playing. I love music, too bad there hasn't been much of anything worth listening to since the mid 90's.

Did You Know: Before working for, I wrote for, Star Wars parody site for 2 years?  :-*
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Re: Who are these People!!!
« Reply #3 on: August 12, 2003, 03:26 PM »
Mikey D

Name: Mike
Age: 27
Occupation: Construction Estimator
Location: Medford, MA (just North of Beantown)
Status: Married, 1 year in October
Children: None yet
Pet: None, I live in an apartment
Toy Lines I collect: SW and Marvel Legends
Sports Teams: Red Sox, Pats, Eagles, Flyers
Hated Sports Teams: Yankees, all NY / NJ teams, Lakers
Bands: Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden

I remember seeing ROTJ at a drive in and was blown away.  I don't recall seeing ANH or ESB in the movie theaters, but must of saw them on TV before that fateful day when I saw ROTJ.  Collected all the toys until the line died.  After that, GIJoe and puberty took over and more important things came to fruitation (namely girls  ;))  Got back into SW when Zahn's trilogy came out and soon after POTF2 was released.  And as they say, its all been down hill since then  ;)
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Re: Who are these People!!!
« Reply #4 on: August 12, 2003, 03:32 PM »
Name: Tom Nelson
Occupation: Courtesy Clerk (Vons a Division of Safeway)
Status: Single
CHildren: None
Pet:  Mouse running loose in my house ;D (I used to have a dog)
Toy Lines:  Simpsons the only thing I collect.
Sports Teams: NHL DUcks MLB Angles
Other Hobbies:  Making hunted house for halloween, Model Railroading, watching movies

I started collecting Star Wars after Ep1 figures came out.  I asked my mom to take me to TRU just to pick up a few things just to have and that would be it (thousand of dollars latter it I still collecting).  I always liked the OT when I was a kid even through I wasn't old enough to see them in theaters.  

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Re: Who are these People!!!
« Reply #5 on: August 12, 2003, 03:41 PM »
Name: Jimmy
Age: 30
Occupation: Stay at home daddy & also work pt. time for an online retailer
Location: Fall River, MA (just South of Beantown)
Status: Married
Children: 3- Neal, Jimmy Jr., and Jenna
Pet: bird- Sprite
Toy Lines I collect: SW isn't that enough  ;)
Sports Teams: Sox, Pats & Vikings, Lakers (no since the ol' school Celts vs Lakers days... imagine the slack I got in high school)
Bands: Radiohead, Jack Johnson, De La Soul, Zep, Sinatra and on, and on, and on....

Fell in love in a drive-in w/ Star Wars and that was it...
Had everything you could imagine as a kid (being an only child and sick one helped the spoilage). Left the SW thing once the teens hit and started djing did that on and off for 9-10 years. Did parties, club in Boston... fun stuff.
Then met my now wife at work and stopped the club life... so I needed something to obsess over yet again... went back to the first love ;)

I've done stints on the ol' Yakface, Jawa, and Trade Federation.

Gotta love me or leave me alone....

Numero Uno LobotsDup fan


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Re: Who are these People!!!
« Reply #6 on: August 12, 2003, 03:43 PM »
Name: Matt Birchall
Age: 27
Occupation: Slacker
Location: Oklahoma City
Status: [edited by Brad]
Children:  Heh.
Pets: Two Dalmatians (Kramer and Laynie)
Toy Lines: On hiatus
Bands: Wilco, The Flaming Lips, Radiohead

The Empire Strikes Back was the first "real" movie I remember seeing in the theatre, and I can't remember if I saw Star Wars before Empire or not.  My first figures were C-3PO and R2-D2, bought for me during a long car ride to Six Flags in Dallas, IIRC.  Had figures as a kid, lost interest around 1984, got back into it in 1990-91 (when the "Star Wars Trilogy" VHS box set came out).  Got really into it in 1995, with vintage, before POTF2 debuted.  I've gradually been losing interest in it over the past couple of years, with DVD/home theatre stuff (and music) taking Star Wars' spot as my favorite hobby.

Oh, and my online history:  I've more-or-less been the scourge of the on-line Star Wars community since 1997:  First at Tomart, along with OCB (among others), most notably as "The Unknown/Super Unknown", and then, a couple of hazy years went by, where the different Star Wars-related newsgroups took up most of my time, and then I guess I joined CSW in January 2001, and CSW/Rebelscum has pretty much been my main hang-out since then.  But that may soon change. . .   :-X

[Note from Brad - I think it's safe to say that wasn't quite appropriate]
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Re: Who are these People!!!
« Reply #7 on: August 12, 2003, 03:43 PM »
Nice topic Ed!   8)


Name: Matt Colman
Age: 33   :-\
Occupation: Auditor (of music royalties to be exact)
Location: Los Angeles, California
Status: Married 2.5 years (Patty)
Children: Never   :P
Pets: Dogs hopefully soon!
Toy Lines I collect: Only Star Wars (avid carded and loose completist)
Teams: Lakers, Raiders, Rams, Dodgers, Angels, L.A. Kings, Ducks and Clippers ( :-[)
Music: All of it - big time collector and fan!

I've been a Star Wars kid all my life - 6 years old when ANH first hit theaters which I just went nuts over, and I've never looked back!  Vintage toy freak as a kid (obviously), kept collecting on through the "dark ages" of 1986-1993, and straight on through the entire modern era - figures, Legos, Action Fleet & MM, Books, Games, and way too many other sublines to even list here.  Just a LOT of SW stuff (which I'll be attempting to find a happy place for when we move into our first real new home next week  :)).

Been around the online SW community since the get-go, way back when ToysRGus/Collectors Archive first hit, on into RS's very first days, briefly around Tomarts, over to CSW and GH later on (never SSG  :-X), then on to JediDefender here where I finally hung my hat for good last December.  I didn't actually get involved in the forums (aside from a lot of lurking) until just after the RS/GH merger.  It's been a great ride all the way - lots of fun, great collectibles, loads of nostalgia, and a lot of good collecting friends made along the way.  Looking forward to much more of the same in the years to come...   8)


Name: Scott
Children: One Son, JediMAX...

Just so there's no confusion here - I'm JediMAC, and from all indications, Scott is not my father...   :-*
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Re: Who are these People!!!
« Reply #8 on: August 12, 2003, 03:55 PM »

Name: Darby
Age: 28
Occupation: Writer of stuff
Where oh where: Waterloo, IA
Status: Girlfriend type person.
Children: Are smaller than adults.
Pets: A cat, Squirt, and a German Shepherd, Pepper.
Toy Lines That Bleed Me Dry: SW, LOTR, mostly.
Sports Teams: Cubbies
Favorite Authors: Neil Gaiman, John Irving, Michael Cunningham, Kelly Link, Michael Chabon, Lorrie Moore...

I've been in love with SW since I saw it at the Skyview drive in in Waterloo when I was three.  It's had a profound impact on my life, inspiring me to create from the get go.  

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Re: Who are these People!!!
« Reply #9 on: August 12, 2003, 04:14 PM »

Name: Jim
Age: 33
Occupation: Engineer (Industrial) for a New England  based Juice Co.
Location: Gardner, MA
Status: Married 7
Children: One Son, Tyler
Pet: No thanks
Toy Lines I collect: SW (vintage thru present), misc Marvel, Alien, Predator, GI Joe and Music Figs
Sports Teams: Sox, Bruins, Celtics
Band: Led Zep, Pink Floyd

Was fortuneate enough to see all SW movies on the big screen during there first release.  They hooked me instantly. Collected up til High School and then began again with the release of the Zahn Trilogy.  Other hobbies include fishing, silver age comics, DVD's, playing music and being a kid again with my son ;D

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Re: Who are these People!!!
« Reply #10 on: August 12, 2003, 04:42 PM »


Location:Upstate NY (near Albany)
Teams: New York Giants
Musicians: John Williams, Eminem, Linkin Park, Hatebreed, Ozzy, Rob Zombie, Justin Timberlake (Yeah, I do like him)
Other Toys I collect: Star Wars (duh), Jurassic Park ( My first True Passion for collecting started here ) MM5/6 Various Spawn, and Old School TMNT

Saw the origional Trilogy when I took my first trip (I was 7) to North Carolina to visit my aunt. I was hooked instantly, and began using various kitchen utitlites (forks, knives, meat tenderizers, hand grenades etc.) as a light saber. I TRUELY Began collectingt SW Last year, but I got a Shizzle load of SW Stuff after I saw TPM.

My other Hobbies include art, model railroading ( HO Scale please :) ) Scaring Kids (Halloween Haunted Houses (Heck, Im gonna work on one this weekend :) ) and learning about military conquests, tactics, and weaponry.

Yub Yub. Thats me.

The picture kept, will remind me...

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Re: Who are these People!!!
« Reply #11 on: August 12, 2003, 04:52 PM »

Name: Adam Lowe
Age: 24
Occupation: Substitute Teacher
Location: West Central Indiana
Status: Single and not planning on changing that
Kids: Never!
Pets: Rufus the Dog
Toy Lines: Star Wars (Figures, Mini busts, props, Koto kits, books, LEGO, Unleashed, games, food containers and premiums, film cels, magazines, autographs, some 12", Action Fleet, Micro Machines), Jim Henson's Muppets, LOTR: Armies of Middle Earth
Teams: Meh, I hate sports
Music: Absolutely anything, so long as it isn't country or rap/hiphop/r&b/urban/etc
Hobbies: Watching and collecting movies, some model railroading (N scale)

I've been assured many times that I was taken as a 2 year old to see ESB. I do remember seeing ROTJ, and have always loved it. I grew up on Star Wars toys, but most were lost during the dark era, known as the great garage sales of the late 80's. Got back into it when POTF2 first started and have been hardcore into Star Wars since then, except during a brief hiatus in college.
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Re: Who are these People!!!
« Reply #12 on: August 12, 2003, 04:56 PM »
Great thread.
Angry Ewok

Name: Brad
Age: 18 (more like 13)
Occupation: Student (Major is Commercial Art but I might to journalism, too)
Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Status: Single, not really looking.
Pet: Parakeet named Dash Rendar, cat named Tiger

I saw Star Wars when I was about 2 years old, so I've been a fan pretty much all my life. My collection was nothing but vintage until the POTF2 line came along, so I've got a ton of old and new stuff. For some reason people don't think of me as a vintage collector, but, I am, so, there. Yea, so that's all I have to add to this so far.

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Re: Who are these People!!!
« Reply #13 on: August 12, 2003, 09:32 PM »
Great thread, indeed! :)


Name: Michael Goolishian
Age: 16
Occupation: High School Student
Location: Worcester, Massachusetts
Status: Single
Pets: A 4 year old mixed-breed dog named Max
Hobbies: Art
Toy Lines I Collect: Star Wars and Lord of the Rings

My fascination with Star Wars began in 1995. The POTF2 line just began, and I recieved most of the main characters that Christmas. My parents bought me the Original Trilogy when it was re-released in the same year, and I've watched them ever since.

At some point, I started to lose interest in Star Wars (Trust me, I'm as shocked as the rest of you ;)), but my faith was rekindled when Episode I was released. I stayed out of the collecting game until the tail-end of the POTJ line, when I bought some of the last figures in the line. It was that summer that I found my way to a little old site known as Rebelscum. I don't know how many of you knew of me back in August '01, but I was there. It was at 'Scum that I met JediPadawan, whom I befriended. He invited me to his new forum for the aptly-named "Colemaniacs"...yadda, yadda, yadda...JediDefender was started and, well, here I am. :)
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Re: Who are these People!!!
« Reply #14 on: August 12, 2003, 10:11 PM »
Ok here goes it.


 Name: Wayne Roberts
 Age 30
 Local: Green Bay WI
 Job: Product Development, Vitamin and supplements
 Spouce: Sue
 Kids: nope all the toys are mine
 Sports: Packers, Yankees, Red Wings, Bucks, Nascar, Dale Jr & Harvick
 Hobbies: SW mainly vintage, racing and muscle car restoration,
 Odds and ends,

  Now that I work 2 jobs I am looking for some of the items I can now afford. I am seeking vintage prototypes and advertising. I we are redoing some rooms in our home so I now have my own collection room. I got back into collecting about 5 years ago. I stopped collecting SW about 83 and began buying GI Joes. I think the Joes helped lead me into the military where I served 6 1/2 years in varoius units before getting out. That was a life changing experiance that helped make me a better more compasionate person today.
 I got back into collecting just to help my little brother find figs now I am an addict. My favorite fig is still my first Luke fig as a kid from 78. In a nut shell thats me.
Wayne Roberts or you can call me Sarge