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I'd love to see a 3-3/4" scale versions for M.A.S.K.


--- Quote from: Jesse James on September  3, 2013, 09:07 PM ---I don't think the differences (evolution) was drastic enough that it matters terribly...  to me the sculpts didn't improve too much really. 
--- End quote ---

Depends on what you compare. Amanaman to Walrus Man? R2-D2 to EV-9D9?

It would matter to some people. I think if they did such a line, people would nitpick that stuff to death. LOL.


"A desert stormtrooper with a moveable neck? THE HEAD SHOULD BE FUSED TO THE BODY!"


Back to the Future
Terminator 1 and 2
The Goonies
Bill and Tedís Excellent Adventure

Count me in for some of those.

As for the price change, I better get the 5th figure with my early bird set.


--- Quote from: Jayson on September  4, 2013, 12:24 AM ---I'd love to see a 3-3/4" scale versions for M.A.S.K.

--- End quote ---
I was hoping releasing Matt Trakker in the Joe line would have sparked Hasbro's interest in getting M.A.S.K. back on the shelves, it just didn't happen. 

I finally picked up the Super 7 Alien Reaction prototype SDCC exclusives via a BIN auction on eBay. I paid a lot, but I got one literally cheaper than any others I have seen up for auction since before SDCC even started, and I have been looking at these auctions every day since then trying to find one at a decent price.

I think I'm pretty happy. These are starting to get more scarce and I don't see the price dropping much lower than I paid, well, ever. Mine was at least $30 cheaper than what they are charging at BBTS.

Now if they would just go ahead and ship the Early Bird figures I paid for months ago...


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