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Jesse James:
My idea?

$20.99 new E-Web Cannon set...  Completely foldable legs, otherwise pretty simple snap-together pieces to make a new to-scale gun.  Include a general Veers update (use the TVC AT-AT Commander with a new head and I'm happy), and a Snowtrooper...  A new head would be neat, but whatever.  The gun needs a gunner is all.

$15.99 2-packs...  Battle of Hoth themed sets, to be specific.  One set, a Hoth Rebel Trooper head variation (new head and hat), with a new weapon.  And a Repacked TVC Echo Base Trooper.

Second set is a different Hoth Rebel Trooper Head variation (again, new head/hat, new gun or the basic rifle with this one perhaps), and a kitbashed Hoth Rebel Technician/Taun Taun Wrangler (mostly just the Echo trooper with a new head/hat).  Each set includes one piece of a Hoth Computer Station (which nicely compliments Torryn Farr!).

Just thinking about the quality of the K-Mart sets...  I'd be happy seeing them carry forward with the $21 and $16 format...  One nice big accessory update, and 2 nice 2-packs of army building fun that's quasi-new but not really.

I could see this expanding to other larger accessories too...  A new, better curved bar section, perhaps?  Or a Vehicle Maintenance Energizer?  Possibly an update of some other mini-rigs like the MLC-3 or CAP-4?  Small things, very OT-centric...  I think these would be awesome if they kept rolling out once a year.

I would like to see Hasbro go beyond accessories if they continue with the larger format style. An updated Wampa or Probe Droid, perhaps with just one figure instead of two, would be pretty cool. If the format sticks with large accessories I wouldn't mind seeing updated Ewok "drums", a repack of the Ewok Glider, and/or the Geonosian Sonic Cannon.

As for 2-packs, I really like the Hoth idea. If a computer terminal pack-in isn't feasible, some crates or a new heavy cannon would be cool. Other sets I'd like to see are:

Tantive IV: Stormtrooper and Fleet Trooper (updated with holster) in set one; Captain Antilles and Commander Praji in set two

Endor: two Rebel Commandos (one as an update of the POTF2 Jumpsuit guy) in set one; Imperials (either officers or dirty trooper repaints), Ewoks, or Mon Cal officers for set two

Tatooine: two Jawas and a droid of some sort (like the previous droid pack-ins) in set one; Sandtrooper variants, Sand People, or Mos Eisly denizens for set two

Clone Wars: some clone repaint sets (Waxer & Boil, ARC Trooper Echo & Fives, Boost & Sinker) done Sideshow style with Phase 1 & 2 helmets


Escape pod with R2 and C-3PO

Jawa leader and CZ-3

Owen and Beru Lars


Hoth deleted scene mini tank with figure

Echo Base control room tech Lieutenant Romas Navander and Rebel Officer Shawn Valdez

Flight crew tech and Snowspeeder pilot

Yavin Battle:

Death Star Cannon and Imp Gunner

Del Goren and Theron Nett

Bob Hudsol and Wenton Chan

Jabba's Palace:

New Reebo Band - "Legless" Max Reebo, accurate Droopy McCool (he's quite short) and original Sy Snootles.

Loje Nella "Toadstool Terror" and Guaron Nas Tal (Saurian)

Beedo and Cane Addiss

Based on the formula that seems to have been established?  I'm thinking we'll see another Ewok pack of some sort.  And this time around I'm thinking that the army building pack seems likely to be from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.  We got a ROTJ pack in 2012, and ANH sets this year.  That's just a simple process of elimination.

For the Ewok set?  I'm thinking 2 x Ewoks with a large accessory again.  For 2014 I think that could mean an Ewok glider and a pair of Ewoks.  It's getting tougher to name Ewoks by name, but Wompus and Kazak are a couple that I can think of.

As for TESB packs?  Hasbro and K-Mart seem like they're on track to do more Imperials, but how do they present something fresh from TESB?  Here are some possibilities:
Imperial Blizzard Force:  General Veers (due for an update) & AT-AT Driver
Imperial Invasion Forces:  2 x SA Snowtroopers with E-WEB
Imperial Death Squadron:  Admiral Ozzel & Star Destroyer Crewman
Imperial Asteroid Field Pursuit:  Admiral Piett & TIE Bomber Pilot

And for some Rebel ideas?
Echo Base Command:  General Riekkan (due for an update) & Hoth Rebel Officer (TVC reissue/head swap)
Echo Base Defenders:  Hoth Rebel Officer & Hoth Rebel Solider (new portraits)
Rogue Squadron: Derek Hobbie Klivian (Snowspeeder pilot) & Echo Base Hangar crew

How about an updated Endor bunker?


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