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The 2014 K-Mart TVC Exclusives SHOULD Be.....

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Just a few random set ideas I have:

"Versus" sets:
- Stormtrooper vs. Rebel Fleet Trooper
- Snowtrooper vs. Hoth Rebel Soldier
- Biker Scout vs. Endor Soldier
- Gungan vs. Battle Droid
- AOTC Clone vs. Red Battle Droid
- ROTS Clone vs. Super Battle Droid

Then for the more traditional two packs they've been doing:
- Imperial Commanders (Imp Officer and TVC Navy Commando nobody found)
- Imperial Pilots (TIE Pilot and AT-AT Driver)
- Rebel Pilots/Techs (Rebel Pilot and the Sled Driver from that one Battle pack)
- Rebel Officers (Mon Cal Officer and Hoth Commander from that one TVC wave nobody found)
- Palpatine's Dignitaries
- Mon Mothma and Crix Madine

There's probably tons more you can do for the Cantina, Cloud City, Jabba's Palace, etc.


--- Quote from: Scockery on October 28, 2013, 01:25 PM ---
Death Star Cannon and Imp Gunner

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Long, way past, far over due.

Love the idea of Hoth themed sets. Snowtroopers with the E-Web would be perfect. I don't know necessarily that we'll get another Ewok themed set, though they're obviously popular. I'm all for it if we do, but I feel the Catapault was a hold over from that super battle pack that the other KMart sets spawned out of.

Cantina sets with bar pieces is what I'd love to see. I'd like to see a centerpiece/distillery with an updated Wuher. Compliment that with a pair of two packs of new or updated aliens, and great. Cantina Band Members, maybe, but probably not exciting enough.

Since I'm dreaming:

Set #1: Updated Duros and Bannis Keeg

Set #2: Updated Hammerhead and Arleil Schous

I would dig cantina sets or Jabba's goons.


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