Author Topic: New JD Mini-Review: TBS 4" Wave 1 Darth Vader (Bespin Brunch)  (Read 4406 times)

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Just when you thought you weren't a chronic Master Vader...


-Sculpt...  I don't know if this figure is largely based on a previous Vader or not, and my Vader's are chilling in a box for me to check it out, but this one has a dandy sculpt regardless of that ultimate outcome.

The details are crisp and lively...  I'm not a costume expert and I'm sure something isn't perfect on Vader's costume here, but I really dig it.

I also dig the extra hands...  It's far more versatile than people realize.  You can have him in the "Come with me" pose, as well as the, "Give me your gun", or "STFU", or "I'm moving fruit to your face so you can eat it", or "Let me help you up Capt. Antilles" (It's an awesome neck breaking hand), or "Pull My finger"...  The two hands accomplish a good bit more than catching blaster bolts and stealing stuff from across the room.

The figure is what it is...  You probably have a billion Vaders just like him.  You'll appreciate the hands though I believe.

-Paint Aps...  Again, not a costume expert, but mine has finely done paint details. 

The paint dots on the belt boxes and chest box, the gunmetal on the shoulder pad, the gloss of the helmet, boots, and his space cup...  I think Hasbro did one of the better paintjobs I've seen in a while on my Vader, actually.  At least some of the finer work they've done in a while anyway.

-Articulation...  Again, Hasbro has this formula down...  14 points and mostly ball joints.

I think an argument can be made that Vader needs ball-jointed hips and this slick new articulation at the ankles though.  Hasbro should just go nuts with a final, definitive Vader someday...  I'd pay $20 if it came with an ANH and Other Films head variation, multiple hands ala a Sideshow figure, and articulation to end all articulation...  Oh, and a real metal chain on that cape for once.  Sheesh.

Still, this figure's great for poseability, as Vader has been for a while now.

-Accessories...  With an extra hand, Han's blaster (and a new sculpt at that, I believe), a light saber, and a deflected blaster shot that plugs perfectly into the extra hand's palm. it's a nice count.

That said, it's not perfect... 

But the blast effect is perfect, and I like how the hand's able to hold Han's blaster perfectly too.  A nice attention to detail on what turns out to be the star of this figure...  his hands.


-Price...  $9.99+ = blah blah blah ******.

-Non-Removable Cape...  You CAN remove it, but I'd love to see a cape that someday has a nice look to it, and not a silver thread for its clasp.  Something that looks more realistic, and comes off without leaving a hole in the center of it.

Small?  Sure, but I want ultimate with my Vaders anymore.  *shrugs*

-NO SABER HILT...  Inexcusable.  Not that there's a place to put it on his belt either, but Hasbro really needs to include saber hilts with everyone who has a saber.

This is the lamest of lame.  It seems they're cutting back on this...  That or I've just had a bad run lately of Jedi/Sith without saber hilts.


Again, slightly surprised...  I've looked at Vader a lot in stores lately, and he actually is seemingly selling well too, but I didn't realize how much I'd like those hands till I got the figure open and started messin' with him.  The pose of the hands/fingers is perfect for quite a bit.

Honestly the one hand does fit well over the Capt. Antilles figure's neck too.  That's fun for the kids, right?  Am I right?   :D

Good, neck snappin' fun.

Buy...  sure it's just for the hands, so maybe wait till he's on sale I guess, but yeah, buy it.
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