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The Black Series 3.75" - Wave 4

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And I really, really like Yoda.  He turned out so well I think.

Jesse James:
Gorgeous.  I just hope production turns out that nice.

Any confirmations on the assortment for this wave? Bastila redux?

Supposed to be pretty much this:

--- Quote from: P-Siddy on January 22, 2014, 04:13 PM ---Wave 5 assortment as rumored by JTA... most like confirmed at Toy Fair

Luke Skywalker [Dagobah Training] (x2)
 Yoda [Dagobah Training] (x2)
 Snowtrooper Commander (x2)
 Toryn Farr (x2)
 Dack Ralter (VC07 repack) (x2)
 Bastila Shan (VC69 repack) (x2)

--- End quote ---

But like I said someplace else in here tonight, 4/5 are sort of interchangeable.  They will hit close together in the summer so what we are calling "Wave 5" here may actually hit before "Wave 4".

Best. Yoda. Ever.


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