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A-Wing from Target
« on: August 21, 2003, 02:22 PM »
Well, yesterday I received my A-Wing that I order from Target.

Lets start with that yes this is the same mold as the Vintage and POTF2 A-Wing just repainted Green.

With that said lets start my review.

Paint Scheme is really neat. I like the Green color of the A-Wing, just like the Micro Machines Action Fleet Ship from a few years ago.

Pilot: Just a repack & repainted of one of the Pilots from the Rebel Piltos pack. Which is fine with me since once he is in the fighter you really do not see him that much.
His helmet has a smoked grey visor which is a nice touch.

The ship itself again is the same as the past releases of the ship. Landing Gear, Rotating Turrents, Opening Canopy, and battery compartment from days long past of the Vintage Line.

The packaging for those who collect packaged items, the package is a nice rebel hangar scene with the M-Falcon and Red A-Wing departing. The figure is packed next to a computer station with his helmet on top. It is a nice window display package.

So over all I really like this ship.
I have it displayed in one of my display units with the Repainted Jedi Starfighter.

So over all I would have to give this ship a A+!
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