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Want Battle of Hoth 4-pack x 2...tons to trade
« on: September 10, 2003, 11:21 AM »

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Greedo Bust   

Saga Figures    
Luminara Unduli w/Sticker over Removable (Cloak Printed)   
Endor Rebel Solider (Clean Shaven)   
Count Dooku "Dark Lord"   
Luke Skywalker Bespin Duel   
Darth Vader Bespin Duel   
12" SBD (loose) x 2   $12 ea
Republic Gunship   
Saga Deluxe Figures       
Yoda "loose" from deluxe set (no lightsaber)   
Ep II Preview Figures    
Jango Fett   
POTJ Figures      
Battle Droid (Security) .0000   
Darth Maul (Final Duel) w/Sticker .0000   
Eeth Koth   
Imperial Officer   
R4-M9 with warning sticker   
Tessek .0300   
POTJ 12" Figures    
Captain Tarpals and Kaadu   
Ep I Figures     
Anakin Skywalker (Pilot) .0000   
Battle Damaged Destroyer Droids x 5   
Battle Droid (Blast Damage) .0100   
Boss Nass .00   
C-3PO .00   
Captain Tarpals (w/Warning Sticker) .0000   
Darth Maul (Jedi Duel) w/COMM TECH Reader   
Darth Maul (Jedi Duel) .00 Silver CT   
Darth Maul (Jedi Duel) .0100 White CT   
Darth Maul (Sith Lord)    
Jar Jar Binks .00 (Large Photo)   
Ki-Adi-Mundi .0000   
Mace Windu .0000   
Naboo Royal Security (orange) .0000   
Queen Amidala (Coruscant) .0100   
Watto .00   

Ep 1 Beast Packs/Cinema Scenes/Vehicles    
Opee w/Qui-Gon   
Flash Speeder   
Sebulba's Podracer   
Ep 1 12" Figures    
Darth Maul    
Battle Droids x 6   $10 ea

Ep I Sneak Preview Figures    
Mace Windu   
STAP Battle Droid   

POTF2 CT Figures    
Admiral Motti .0000   
R2-D2 w/Hologram Leia (Silver CT) .0000   
Han Solo (Silver CT) .0000   
Stormtrooper (Silver CT) .0000   
Stormtrooper (White CT) .0000   

Flashback Photos    
Anakin Skywalker   
Darth Vader (Arrow both on sides)   
Hoth Chewbacca (Arrow both on sides)   
Leia in Cermonial Gown (Arrow both on sides)   
Luke Skywalker (Arrow both on sides)   
R2-D2 w/Shooting Lightsaber (Saber on Right Side)   
Expanded Universe       
Grand Admiral Thrawn    
Imperial Sentinel   
Freeze Frame Action Slides    
Endor Rebel Soldier "Sealt-Marie" .00   
Han Solo .02   
Lando Calrissian in Generals Gear "Sealt-Marie" .00   
Luke Skywalker in Bespin Gear "Sealt-Marie" .00   
Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise "Sealt-Marie" .03   
Princess Leia in Ewok Celebration Outfit "Sealt-Marie" .00   
R2-D2 w/Datalink & Periscope (Imperial Slide)   
Rebel Fleet Trooper "Sealt-Marie" w/Sticker .01   
Admiral Ackbar .01   
EV-9D9 .01   
Gamorrean Guard .01   
Lak Sivrak   
Darth Vader .03   
Death Star Droid   
Death Star Trooper    
Emperor Palpatine .02   
Grand Moff Tarkin .02   
Pote Snitkin   
Snowtrooper .01   
Stormtrooper .02   
AT-ST Driver .03   
Boba Fett .04   
Captain Piett (Blaster Rifle)   
Emperor's Royal Guard .01   
Garindan (Long Snoot) .01   
Ishi Tib    
Tie-Fighter Pilot .05   
Green Cards without Holograms    
Han Solo in Endor Gear (Brown Pants)   Col 1
Princes Leia in Boushh Disguise .02   Col 2
R5-D4 w/Straight Latch/Warning Sticker .01   Col 2
Tuskin Raider (Closed Hand) .01   Col 2
Green Cards with Holograms    
2-1B .00   Col 2
Admiral Ackbar .00   Col 2
ASP-7 Droid .00   Col 2
Bib Fortuna .00   Col 1
Boba Fett .02   Col 1
Darth Vader .01   Col 1
Emperor Palpatine .00   Col 1
Lando Calrissian as Skiff Guard .00   Col 1
Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear .00   Col 2
Ponda Baba .01   Col 3
Princess Leia as Jabba's Prisoner    Col 1
R2-D2 .01   Col 1
Sandtrooper .01   Col 1
Stormtrooper .01   Col 3
Shadows of the Empire    
Chewbacca as Snoova   
Prince Xizor   
Princess Leia in Boushh Disguise    
Red Cards    
Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi (Long Saber/Head Photo) .00   
Darth Vader (Long Saber)   
Death Star Gunner .00   
Greedo .00   
Han Solo in Hoth gear (Open Hand)    
Jawa .00   
Lando Calrissian    
Luke Skywalker (Short Saber)   
Luke Skywalker (Long Saber)   
Luke Skywalker, Dagobah (Short Saber) Saber high tray   
Luke Skywalker, Dagobah (Short Saber/Long Tray)   
Luke Skywalker, Dagobah (Long Saber)   
Luke Skywalker Jedi Kight (Black Vest)   
Luke Skywalker Jedi Kight (Brown Vest)   
Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise .00   Col 2
Luke Skywalker in X-Wing Pilots Gear (Long Saber) .01   
Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead)   
R5-D4 w/Straight Latch and Warning Sticker .00   Col 2
Stormtrooper .00   
Stormtrooper with Hologram .00   
Tatoonie Stormtrooper (Sandtrooper) .00   
Tie-Fighter Pilot with Warning Sticker .00   
Tuskin Raider (Closed Hand) .00   
POTF2 12" Figures    
Ben Kenobi (Dark Blue Insert)   
Han Solo (Dark Blue Insert)   
Luke Skywalker (Dark Blue Insert)   
Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot   
Tuskin Raider w/Gaderffi Stick (Warning Sticker)   
Princess Leia   
Admiral Ackbar   
Grand Moff Tarkin   
Emperor Palpatine   
Cantina Band (Wal-Mart) Complete Set of 6   
Greedo (JC Penny)   
Luke/Han as Stormtroopers (KB)   
Luke Hoth & Wampa (Target)   
Hoth Han   
Hoth Luke & Wampa   
POTF2 Beast Packs/Cinema Scenes/Vehicles    
Ronto and Jawa   
Cantina Showdown   
Purchase of the Droids   
Jabba's Skiff Guards   
Speeder Bike with Luke (No Gloves)   
Speeder Bike Power Racing   

POTF2 Deluxe Figures    
Crowd Control Stormtrooper (Red Card)   
Probe Droid (Green Card)   
Hoth Rebel Soldier with Cannon   
Snowtrooper with Tri-Pod Cannon   
Luke and Vader from Board Game on Card   
Darth Vader Gunner Station .00   
Han Solo Gunner Station w/Warning Sticker .00   
Luke Gunner Station w/Warning Sticker .00   

Mail Order Exclusives    
Spirit of Obi Wan   
Star Wars Bank/Alarms   
Vader Bank "loose"   
Destroyer Droid room alarm in damaged box   
Jango Fett room alarm "loose"   

POTF 2 Loose Figures    
Admiral Ackbar   
Boba Fett: Deluxe figure w/out accessories   
Chewbacca: x 2 (missing bowcaster, w/long rifle)   
Chewbacca from Death Star Escape 3-pack   
Chewbacca from Mynock Hunt 3-pack   
Chewbacca as Boushh's Bounty (chain cut off, incomplete)   
Darth Vader from Final Jedi Duel w/saber   
Dengar: Incomplete   
Endor Rebel Soldier: Complete w/FF   
Han Solo: no weapons   
Han Solo: Gunner Station   
Han Solo: Bespin Gear: no weapons   
Han Solo: Bespin Gear "from Leia Collection": no weapons   
Han Solo: w/Carbonite Block (no carbonite just the figure)   
Han Solo: Endor Gear: no weapons   
Han Solo: Hoth (Open Hand) x 2: no weapons   
Hoth Rebel Soldier x 2: no weapons   
Lando Calrissian: no weapons   
Luke Skywalker: no weapons   
Luke Skywalker from Purchase of the Droids   
Luke Skywalker: X-wing Incomplete x 5   $3ea
Luke Skywalker: Dagobah: Complete   
Luke Skywalker: Hoth Gear:no weapons   
Luke Skywalker: Hoth Gear from Wampa Set   
Luke Skywalker Jedi from 3-pack   
Luke Skywalker: Stormtrooper from Game (just the figure)   
Orrimaarko (Prune Face): Complete w/FF   
Prince Xizor: no weapons   
Tuskin Raider: Closed Hand, w/out weapon   
Yoda: Incomplete x 2   
Commtech & Flashback   
Hoth Chewbacca   
R2-D2 w/out lightaber   
Clone Trooper w/ Speeder Bike   
R2-D2 Flying   
Chewbacc Cloud City   
Battle Droids x 6 (Plus sliced in half BD from Mace deluxe set)   $4 each
Bespin Luke w/magnet   
C-3PO Deluxe w/base: no battle droid   
Count Dooku   
Darth Vader: w/lightsaber, no display   
Darth Vader: TRU 4-pack   
Djas Puhr   
Luke Skywalker from Saga landspeeder, just figure   
Obi-Wan Jedi starfighter Pilot: Incomplete   
Ponda Baba from Cantina set (just figure)   
Obi-Wan & Dooku flip figures with bases   
Base from Yoda Deluxe x 2   
Rebel Fleet Solider x 2   
Qui-Gon Jinn (Mos Espa Disguise): Complete   
Ellorrs Madak   
Ketwol x 2   
Ep I   
Anakin: from Mos Espa Encounter   
Boss Nass   
Jar Jar: from Mos Espa Encounter   
Jar Jar     
Jar Jar from Kaadu : Complete x 2   
Mace Windu w/plastic robe, no lightsaber   
Obi Wan: Jedi Duel: Complete   
Obi Wan: Soft Goods: Complete   
Ric Olie: Complete x 3   $3 ea
Qui-Gon: Jedi Duel w/tatooine cloak from Accessory set: Complete   
Sebulba: eraser   
Tie Fighter    
Tie Interceptor w/ figure   
POTJ Tie Bomber w/out figure    
SAGA Tie Bomber w/out figure   
A-Wing w/out figure   
T-16 Skyhopper   
Cantina Display in Box (No Figure)   
Speeder Bike w/Scout Trooper    
Speeder Bike w/Jedi Luke   
Speeder Bike w/Leia   
Endor Planet w/ Ewok   
Extra Weapons and Accessories   
95' Stormtroopers Heavy Rifle x 56   
Tie Pilot's & DSG's Heavy rifle x 18   
Interragation Droid from Imperial 4-pack x 7   
Mouse Droid from DSD & 4-pack   
Hologram Red Death Star from Imperial R2   
Cantina Instraments Bagged x 2   
"Loose just the Freeze Frames"   
Darth Vader Removeable Helmet   
Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise x 6   
Ishi Tib   
Chewbacca as Boushh's Bounty   
AT-AT Driver x 2   
Death Star Droid x 2   
Endor Rebel Solider   
Death Star Trooper x 6   
Vintage Figures Carded   
Klaatu: Return of the Jedi   C-7
Vintage Figures "loose"    
(All figure Complete, unless noted)   
Star Wars   
Chewbacca: slight nose rub, no gun   C-8.5
Stormtrooper: no weapons   C-7.5
Stormtrooper: no weapons, slight yellowing   C-6
AT-AT Driver: paint wear   C-7.5
Bespin Luke: dirty, w/paint wear, no weapons   C-6.5
Chief Chirpa: loose, mild paint wear, dirty, no spear   C-4
Gammeron Guard: no/weapon, slight paint wear on tips of horns   C-8.5
Squidhead: no/weapon or skirt   C-9

Lego's (with instructions)   
Ep I   
Anakin's Podracer (no instructions) this is from the large boxed set   
Battle Droid small troop carrier (the one not from the movie) just the vehicle no BD's   
Lego Tech Destroyer Droid   

Micro Machines Ep I    
Action Fleet Playsets "loose w/box"   
Naboo Hangar (Final Combat)   
Mos Espa Market   
Mini Scenes "loose w/backing"   
Stap Invasion # 1   
Destroyer Droid Ambush # 2   
Gungan Assault # 3   
Sith Pursuit # 4   
Trade Fed. Raid # 5   
Platform Action Sets "loose w/box"   
Pod Race Arena   
Carded Figure & Vehicle Sets   
Die Cast Trade Fed Fighter   
Die Cast Sebulba's Podracer   
Die Cast Trade Fed Battleship   
Die Cast Gain Speeder   
Micro Ep I Col 4 mini figures   
Micro Ep I Col 2 & 4 (LOOSE)   
Micro Machines Trilogy     
Action Fleet Playsets "loose w/box"   
Yavin Rebel Base   
Action Fleet Vehicles "loose"   
Sebulba's pod racer: just the vehicle   
AT-AT: just the vehicle   
X-Wing: Complete   
Transforming Action Sets "loose w/box"   
Luke Skywalker Hoth   
Stormtrooper Death Star   
Planet Playsets "loose w/box"   
Death Star   
Ice Planet Hoth   
Planet Dagobah   
Planet Tatooine   
Adventure Gear "loose w/box"   
Vader's Saber/Death Star Trench   
Battle Packs "loose"   
Rebel Alliance   
Galactic Empire   
Dune Sea   
Droid Escape   
Desert Palace   
Cantina Encounter   
Figure Sets "loose"   
Echo Base Troops   
Imperial Naval Troopers   
Imperial Officers   
Rebel X-Wing Pilots   
Tie Fighter Pilots   
Tuskin Raiders   

Taco Bell Products    
Battle Droid Frizz-Be   
Topper Cups ($25 for Set)   
Darth Maul    
Nute Gunray   
Boss Nass   
Mace Windu   
Captain Tarpels   
Jar Jar   
Queen Amidala   
Comic Books (Soft Covers)    
Boba Fett: Death, Lies, and Treachery   
Dark Empire    
Empires End   
Comic Books   
Star Wars: Empire # 1-6   
Star Wars: Republic # 49-51   
Star Wars Jedi Academy Leviathan # 1-4   
Star Wars Jedi vs. Sith # 1-6   
Star Wars Ep I Wizard 1/2     
Star Wars Ep I all Photo Covers # 1-4   
Star Wars Ep I Qui-Gon photo cover    
Star Wars Ep I Anakin    
Star Wars Ep I Anakin Photo Cover    
(signed by Steve Cresspo w/certifi)   
Star Wars Ep I Obi Wan    
Star Wars Ep I Obi Wan Photo Cover   
(signed by Shunn w/certifi)   
Star Wars Tales: # 5, 11, 13   
Qui-Gon/Obi Wan: Aurorient Express # 1-2   
Ep I Official Souvenir Magazine   
Star Wars Technical Journal (Tatooine)   

Soft Cover Novels ($15 for the Set)    
Truce at Bakura   
Courtship of Princess Leia   
Children of the Jedi   
Jedi Search   
Dark Apprentice   

Complete Set of Ep I Widescreen Cards (acrylic case)   
Plus 20 bonus cards (including Falcon Holo Card)   
C-3PO Book that came with 12" figure   

Transformers DVD's   
Season 1 DVD Boxed Set & Movie DVD (MINT condition)   
Would trade for Angel Season 1 DVD (if in MINT  condition)   

Marvel Mini-Mates   
Boxed Set: Spider-man, Damaged Spider-man, Venom, Green Goblin   

Masters of the Universe   
Trap Jaw w/video (Chase)   
Marvel Legends   

Bowen Design   
1960's Spider-man (on building)          $160 shipped   

G.I.Joe Mini-bust   
Destro  ($38 shipped)   

G.I.Joe vs. Cobra   
WAVE 7   
Wide Scope x 8   
Lady Jaye x 5   
Kamakura x 4   
Red Spot (missing rifle that came with Sand Viper) x 4   
Grunt (just the figure)   
2003 Convention figures   
Convention Set Box (contains): Cobra Commander, Black Dragon, 4 Black Dragon Troopers   
Major Storm, Lt. Falcon, Lady Jaye, extra accessories (machine guns x 16, short blaster x 16)   
 and Convention Badge            $220 shipped   
Major Storm: Complete   
Toy Fair Snake Eyes w/bp & Uzi   
2003 Spy Troops   
Beachhead re-paint: w/rifle x 10   $3 ea
Crosshair: Complete   
Flint: Complete    
Recondo: Complete x 10   $3 ea
Recondo: Incomplete x 12   $2.50 ea
Scalpel: w/out rifle and knife   
2002 G.I.Joe vs. Cobra   
Heavy Duty vs. Skull Buster (carded)   
Dusty: Complete x 5   $3 ea
Duke: Complete (non O-ring)   
Frostbite re-paint green: Incomplete   
Heavy Duty: Complete x 3   $2 ea
Shipwreck: Complete x 12   $3 ea
Shipwreck: w/sound attack gun x 5   $2 ea
Stalker (light green): Complete   
Wet-Suit: fins, spear gun, mask   
Wet-Suit re-paint: fins, spear gun, mask   
Wild Bill: Complete x 2   $3 ea
Wild Bill: w/hat and M-16 x 5    $2 ea
Cobra Commander: Complete w/O-ring   
Cobra Moray from Sub (blue version)   
Destro: Complete   
Dreddnok Ripper: w/ bp and sound tab sub-macine gun x 2   
Wild Weasel   
Zartan: Incomplete   
2002 Cobra Army Builders with EXTRA weapons    
Neo-Viper (white) (x 7) black assault rifle from Frostbite x 7, black rifle w/Scope x 7,    
pistol from Alley Vipers x 3, Laser gun x 5, 50 cal x 2    $5 ea
2002-2003 RAH re-paints from Joe vs. Cobra   
Big Brawler (Tiger Force) w/black hair: Complete   
Big Ben Re-paint: w/long rifle and grenade bag x 3   $2 ea
Mirage: w/long rifle x 6   $2 ea
Mirage Re-paint: w/long rifle x 4   $2 ea
Slip Stream v2   
Python Patrol Major Bludd: Complete x 7   $3 ea
2000/2001 series   
Big Ben   C-9.5
Duke v8: Complete   
Dusty v5 (from Night Rhino)   
Flint (from Desert Striker)   
Leatherneck v4: w/gun, helmet & bp   
Rock n Roll: w/file card (figure from headquarters)   C-9.5
Snake Eyes v9: w/3 piece chain, Uzi   
Undertow v2: Complete   
G.I.Joe Figures (80's-current)     
1982 series Straight arm version   
Flash: Incomplete paint wear   
Snake Eyes: w/Uzi and Accessory set Explosive pack   C-9
1983 series   
Destro: w/bp & blue pistol, loose head, broken crotch, paint wear on hand missles    C-6.5
Gung Ho: w/bp & white grenade launcher, broken crotch, loose R knee   
Snow Job: w/bp, ski, (added 2002 bp w/poles and skis)   C-7.5
Snow Job: broken R thumb, w/bp, poles, ski (yellowing legs)   C-5
Torpedo: w/bp, sliver 2002 speargun, loose legs    C-6.5
Wild Bill: hat has bend in it   C-7.5
1984 series   
Blowtorch: Complete x 2   C-9
Cutter: R knee loose   C-8
Firefly: Incomplete, blue pen on face (not much) very tight joints   C-7
Spirit: w/belt (tight)   C-9
Mutt: w/helmet & mask   C-8.5
Ripper: w/bp   C-6
Buzzer: w/bp   C-6
1985 series   
Alipine: Complete except for rope with hook. Small gun is missing ammo clip   C-8.5
Alpine: with bp only   C-8
Barbaque: Incomplete, paint wear   C-5
Crimson Guard: w/bp (loose arms at shoulders, loose R knee)   C-7
Frostbite: Incomplete   C-8.5
Frostbite: Incomplete, blue emblem rubbed off on R shoulder   C-8
Lady Jay: w/bp and camera, no spear   C-8
Tomax: Complete, rope tangled (minor paint wear hair)   C-9
1986 series   
Dial Tone: Complete   C-7.5
Dr. Mindbender: w/silver probe (no cape)   C-6
Hawk: w/bp and helmet   C-8.5
Leatherneck: Incomplete, broken crotch   C-6  
Lift-Ticket: Incomplete, rub on nose    C-8
Leatherneck: Complete   C-9
Low-Light: w/bp, rifle, UZI, missing bipod   C-8.5
Roadblock: Incomplete   C-6  
Sci-Fi: Complete, missing tube (loose R knee) minor paint wear   C-7.5
Wet Suit: w/bp and sled   C-7
1987 series   
Chuckles: Complete   C-9
Cobra Commander: w/bp, pistol, missing tube   C-8.5
Cobra Commander: Incomplete, minor paint wear   C-7.5
Crazylegs: Incomplete, paint wear   C-6
Crystal Ball: Incomplete   C-8  
Fastdraw: Incomplete   C-9
Law & Order: Complete   C-9
Mercer: Complete   C-9
Sea Slug: Incomplete, half of R thumb is broken, paint wear   C-6
Taurus: w/gun, missing bp   C-8
Techno-Viper: Incomplete   C-9
Tunnel Rat: w/bp, bag (broken strap)  R thumb is hanging by a thread   C-8.5
W.O.R.M.S: Incomplete   C-8
W.O.R.M.S: Incomplete   C-8
1988 series   
Blizzard: w/bp, helmet, rifle, skis, 1 shoe, 1 bar missing 1 shoe, pistol, 1 handle bar   C-7.5
Charbroil: w/gun & helmet   C-9
Destro (v2 Iron Grenadier): Incomplete, very loose   C-4.5
Hit & Run: w/rifle, bag, crank & string   C-9
Sgt Slaughter (v3): Complete   C-9
Stalker (v2): Incomplete   C-9
Storm Shadow: w/bp & bow, slightly dirty (very tight)   C-8
1989 series   
Annihilator: Complete   C-9
Annihilator: Complete   C-9
Annihilator: Incomplete, missing sub machine gun, one side of blade set up broken   C-9
Darklon: Incomplete, minor paint wear on gold grenades   C-8
Frag Viper: w/gun & bp   C-9
Frag Viper: w/gun & bp   C-9
Frag Viper: Incomplete   C-9
Night-Viper: w/rifle, bp, goggles   C-9
Night-Viper: w/rifle, bp, one peg on right side of helmet is broken   C-8
Night-Viper (Funskool): Complete   C-9
Recoil:w/bothguns, camera   C-8
Rock & Roll: w/bp, gatling cannons, ammo belts   C-9.5
Rock & Roll: broken leg tabs, w/1 ammo belt, Incomplete    C-9
TARGET: Incomplete   C-7.5
1990 series   
Capt. Grid Iron: broken crotch, w/bp and helmet   C-8
Rock Viper: broken crotch, minor paint wear on hands, w/both GUNS   C-7
S.A.W Viper: w/rifle, paint wear on head   C-8
Pathfinder: Complete except for 2 ammo belts   C-9
1991 series   
Dusty: Complete   C-9
General Hawk (v2/TBC): Incomplete, paint wear on glasses, grenades, tight joints   C-6.5
1992 series   
Bazooka: Incomplete, R hand chewed off, minor hat chew (otherwise in MINT condition)   C-7  
Destro (v3): Incomplete, minor paint wear, tight   C-7.5
Firefly (v2): Incomplete   C-9
Nunchuk: Incomplete   C-8
Slice: Complete   C-8
1993 series   
Banzai: Incomplete   C-9
Beachhead v2: Incomplete   C-9
Frostbite (v3): Incomplete   C-9.5
Night Creeper (version 2): w/sword, stand   C-8.5
Rock n Roll (v4/Armor Tech): w/missle launcher, rifle   C-9
Zap: w/helmet   C-9
Funskool Carded   
Big Boa   
Funskool "loose"   
Scrap Iron: w/out pistol   
Muskrat:w/out knife   

  G.I.Joe Vehicles    
1982 series   
M.O.B.A.T: missing machine gun which attaches to turret   C-9
RAM: just the bike, no saddle bags   C-8
1983 series   
Dragonfly XH-1: missing 1 sidewinder missles, Gatling Cannon super glued   C-8
1984 series   
Chameleon Swamp Skier: missing tow cable and box   C-7
C.L.A.W: missing 1 missle, both exhaust nozzles, R aileron, machine gun cover   C-7
Water Moccasin: missing steering flaps, fan, roofcover, large engine cover, 1 peg    C-7
1985 series   
Ferret ATV: missing hose, 1 missle, front gun   C-7
Snow Cat: missing roof light lens   C-9
1986 series   
STUN: missing flags, engine covers, rear gun   C-7.5
Swampfire: Complete   C-9
1988 series   
BUGG: broken tab on pod, missing:  Front Jet Intake x 2, Back Jet Exhaust x 2,   
Top Guns x 2, Trident Missles x 2,  Torpedo's x 4, Double gun   C-7
1989 series   
Artic Blast: missing gatling guns, front missles  (have pics)   C-8
Equalizer: Radar Assembly, antennae, smoke cannsters, 5 missles, tow cables,     
1 mud flap broken, 2 clips for panel broken (have pics)   C-8
HISS II: missing 2 long missles, flood lights   C-8
1994 series   
Scorpion: missing both missles and launching gun   C-8
2000 series   
Desert Striker   C-9.5
Man-O-War   C-9.5
2002 series   
Cobra FANG 3 (no figure) x 2   C-9.5
Mantis: w/out figure   C-9.5
Air Assault   C-9.5
Vehicle Parts   
Bivouac:Rocket Launcher w/tri-pod   
Machine Gun Defense Unit: "Danger" sign   
Mauler MBT: wheel   
Missile Defense Unit: missle box w/out cover   
Moray Hydrofoil: 2 large side missles   
Tomahawk: L rear stabilizer   
Tomahawk: R rear winglet   
Tomahawk: 4 blades w/broken notches   
Snow Cat: yellow ski missles x 2   
Wolverine: missles x 2   
1983 Catalog   
1985 Catalog   
1986 Catalog   
Visionaries Catalog   
"Is this the End of Sgt. Slaughter"   
Sgt. Slaughter B.A.T.T.L.E special offer   
Top Secret Dispatch: special offer (brown)   
G.I.Joe Called to A.C.T.I.O.N: special offer   
Special Combat Bulletin: special offer   
Robotech DVD   
Robotech New Generation Vol. 11 & 12   
Front Mission 3   
Set of 5 mechs complete plus an Armor Core 2 figure "all loose"   $55 set
Tomb Raider   
Lara Croft Tomb Raider Statue (about 15 inches tall) in original game outfit   
Lara Croft plastic statue (in game outfit) Playmates   
Masters of the Universe PVC's   
He-ma, Mekaneck, Man at Arms, Stratos   

DC Direct "loose"   
Wonder Woman: from JLA boxed set   
JSA Wonder Woman   
Black Adam   
Green Lantern Hal Jordan w/out Lantern   

Animated Batman Series    
Harley Quinn   
Detective Batman   
Mission Masters   
Insect Body Mr. Freeze   

Animated Superman    

Animated 12" Figures    
Harley Quinn   

Batman Beyond    
J's Gang Power Throw   
DC figures "loose"   
Superboy (from Superman line based on the Comic mid 90's)   
Superman in Black Outfit (from Superman line based on the Comic mid 90's)   
Steel (from Superman line based on the Comic mid 90's)   
Villain in Yellow & Black (from Superman line based on the Comic mid 90's)   
Bane (Movie version)   
Batman 6" (TRU exclusive, now found in KB 2-pack)   
Batman from "new" Mattel Nightwing 2-pack   
DC Animated figures "loose"   
12" Nightwing   
Superman deluxe (with Blue armor flight gear)   
Superman deluxe (from Mattel Lex 2-pack)   
Batman (from Two Face 2-pack, Mattel)   
Batman Animated from 4-packs "loose" $35 for set   
Robin "Revenge of Penguin"   
Robin "New Adventures version" from a 4-pack   
Nightwing (Dark Blue Chest symbol)   
Catwoman "4-pack: Complete   
Catwoman: missing Whip "Revenge of Penguin"   
Batman "Revenge of Penguin"   
Marvel Superheros "loose"   
(most of these figures DO NOT have accessories, please ask)   
Fantastic Four animated   
series 1 The Thing   
series 3 Annihilus   
series 4 Wizard   
Silver Surfer Blasters    
Drax the Destroyer   
Silver Surfer     
Iron Man animated   
series 1 Blacklash   
series 1 Spider Woman   
series 2 Blizzard   
Marvel Super Heroes: Deathlok   
Avengers animated    
Wonder man   
Avengers Boxed set: Hulk   
Spiderman animated   
Man Spider   
Nick Fury   
Black Cat "Spider Wars"   
Electro: Gold "Electro-Spark"   
Captain America w/out Sheild "Electro-Spark"   
Spider-man "Electro-Spark"   
Spider-man "Spider Force"   
Vulture "Bug Busters"   
Dr. Octopus "Spider Power 2"   
Spider-man "Movie" Web Swinging"   
Symbiote from Venom line (light green creature)   
Marvel vs. Capcom: Spider man vs. Strider   
Elektra (not sure which line she's from)   
X-Force figures   
series 2 Cable   
series 2 Kane   
series 3 Pyro   
series 4 Commcast   
series 4 Killspree   
series 5 Avalanche   
series 6 Caliban   
???creature with long hair and skulls hanging on it????   
X-men figures   
Wolverine "classic light-up"   
Nightcrawler "classic light-up"   
Gambit "classic light-up"   
Psylocke "Ninja Force"   
Wolverine "Ninja Force"   
Sabertooth "Ninja Force"   
Wolverine "Secret Weapon Force line"   
Ice man (with ice attachments)   
Sabretooth: ripped shirt   
X-men Evolotion Wolverine karate outfit   
X-men Movie figures   
Sabretooth: snow outfit   
Cyclops series 1   
Cyclops: street cloths   
Wolverine w/cycle   
Wolverine from evolotion 2-pack   
Tortured Souls 2 MIMB   
Suffering Bob   
McFarlane Toys "loose"   
Monster Playsets (diaramas)   
Phantom of the Opera   
Movie Maniacs (no movie posters): $38 for the set   
Pumpkin Head   
Ghost Face   
Evil Ash   
King Kong: (base is broken but useable)   
Spawn ($34 for sets series 6 thru 14)   
Series 6   
The Freak   
Series 8   
Gate Keeper   
Series 11   
Ogre re-paint   
Series 12    
Series 14: Dark Ages Spawn 2   
Viper King: blue version    
Moore Creation figures "loose"   
Ion Nottingham   
Lady Death   
Lady Death w/horns   
Evil Erine   
Eternal Toys   
Lady Death   
Devil guy   

Dark Horse Comics   
Overkill (Witchblade, Aliens, Predator, Darkness) 1 & 2   
Mindhunter (Witchblade, Aliens, Predator, Darkness) 1-3   
The Tenth: Black Embrace DF/Another Universe # 1   
The Tenth: Resurrected  # 1-4   
Robin: # 62-64, 72-109   
Robin 80 page giant # 1   
Robin: A Hero Reborn softcover   
Superman: Man of Steel: # 97, 99,100,103,107,108,110,   
Superman: Day of Doom: #1-4   
Batman: Legends of the Dark Kight: # 127-131, 137-141   
Batman: Outlaws: # 1-3   
Batman/Nightwing: Bloodborne   
Batman: Family issues 1-8   
Azaral # 91   
Harley Quinn # 1 & 2,    
Harley Quinn: Our Worlds at War   
Nightwing: Taget   
Nightwing: Our Worlds at War   
Birds of Prey: Manhunt  # 1, 3, 4   
JSA # 27   
Hawkman # 2   
Flash # 160-162   
Geen Arrow # 17   
Titans # 10, 26-33, 35-50   
DC First: Batgirl/Joker   
DC First: Superman/Lobo   
DC First: Superman/Flash   
DC First: Green Lantern   
Out There # 1-12, 14   
Resident Evil: Fire & Ice   
Image Comics   
Spawn:  # 1-30   
Darkness: Vol 1: 8-11 (11 have 2 covers) 12-40   
Darkness: Vol 2: 1-3   
Darkness/Witchblade # 1   
Fathom 1/2, 0, 1-11, 12 (2 different covers)  #1 also 2 different covers   
Magdalena/Angelus: Wizard 1/2   
Witchblade: 18-21, 23-63   
Witchblade: Wizard # 1/2 and # 500    
Witchblade: Encore Edition (American Entertainment Exclusive   
Witchblade/ Tomb Raider: Wizard # 1/2    
Witchblade/ Tomb Raider: Wizard # 1/2 (July)   
Witchblade/ Tomb Raider: Revisited # 1   
Witchblade/ Tomb Raider: # 1   
Witchblade/Darkness # 1   
Witchblade: Destiny's Child 1-3   
Wolverine/Witchblade: Devils Reign chapter 5   
Witchblade/Elektra: Devil's Reign chapter 6   
Tomb Raider: Wizard # 1/2   
Tomb Raider: Journeys # 1,  2, 7   
Tomb Raider: Preview Edition   
Tomb Raider: 0, 1/2, 1-19, 21-29   $46 set
EVO #1   
Aphrodite X # 4   
Inferno: Hellbound # 2,3   
Chaos Comics   
The Haunted # 1-4   
The Haunted series 2 # 1   
Bad Kitty # 2, 3   
Bad Kitty: Re-Loaded # 1-4   
Evil Errnie Returns # 1   
The Undead # 1   
United # 1 (Lady Death, Bad Kitty)   
Chastity # 1-3   
Chastity: Heartbreaker # 1   
Chastity: Crazytown # 1-3   
Jade # 1-4   
Jade: Redemption # 1-4   
Mischief Night: Bad Kitty   
Mischief Night: Purgatori   
Mischief Night: Lady Death   
Purgatori: The Hunted # 1-2   
Purgatori: Darkest Hour # 1-2   
Purgatori: God Hunter # 1-2   
Purgatori: God Killer # 1-2   
Purgatori: Heartbreaker   
Lady Death: Last Rites # 1-4   
Lady Death: Heartbreaker   
Lady Death: The Gauntlet # 1-2   
Lady Death: Goddess Returns # 1-2   
Lady Death: Dark Alliance # 1-3   
Lady Death & Bedlam # 1   
Lady Death & Bad Kitty # 1   
Lady Death & Chastity # 1   
Lady Death & Jade # 1   
Marvel Comics   
G.I.Joe # 1 (image) 2nd printing   
G.I.Joe Order of Battle # 1-2, 4   
Alias  # 1-17   
Invincible Iron Man # 331, 332   
Invincible Iron Man # 1-4  (#1 Heroes Reborn)   
Invincible Iron Man: cont 5-11, 14-16, 30-55   
"changes title to " Iron Man #56-62   
annual 2000, 2001   
Masters of Kung Fu (MAX) #1-3, 5   
X-men Movie Prequel Magneto   
X-Factor "new" limited series # 1-3   
X-Treme X-men X-pose 1 and 2   
Double Shots Marvel Knights # 2-4   
Captain America: Dead Man Running # 1-3   
Fury # 6   
Iceman: Icon # 4   
Spider-man Tangled Web # 14   
Spider-man Quality of Life # 1-4   
Amazing Spider-man # 46   
Spider-man Peter Parker # 1-5, 11, 17-24, 27-28, 33-38, 42, 43, 48,  49, Annual 2000-01   
Spider-man: Marrow (1 shot)   
Spider-man: Mysterio Madifesto # 1-3   
Spider-man: Revenge of the Green Goblin # 1-3   
Ultimate Spider-man Wizard # 1/2