Author Topic: Saga 12" Collection for sale  (Read 506 times)

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Saga 12" Collection for sale
« on: September 10, 2003, 10:44 PM »
All Saga, all the time!
All are C9+ or better, except the the Super Battle Droid.
You get:
Zam Wessel
Clone Trooper White
Clone Trooper Red KB Exclusive
Clone Trooper Yellow KB Exclusive
Geonosian Warrior
Han Solo
Anakin Skywalker w/2 Sabers
Padme Amidala
Super Battle Droid
Mace Windu
Ki-Adi Mundi Fan Club Exclusive
Plo Koon Jedi Council
Lando Calrissian as Skiff Guard
At-ST Driver
Count Dooku
Imperial Officer
Gammorean Guard TRU Exclusive
Elextronic Obi-Wan Kenobi
Electronic Jango Fett
Ultimate Jango Fett
Princess Leia w/Han in Carbonite TRU Exclusive
That's 23 figures in all. I am asking $385.00 plus shipping. That is less than retail for each. Please email me if you need more information or are interested.