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Re: Taking a Look at the Toy Aisle...
« Reply #15 on: May 12, 2009, 09:20 AM »
You mention something I've noticed as well (and others too I'm sure), the GI Joe and Transformers sections seem to just be waiting for the movie stuff, when I'm sure things will go all out.  I believe Transformers hits at the end of May, not sure about Joe.  Our stores have all had basically the same Joes on the pegs forever, and WM barely has a spot for them at all at this point.  Target always has some, usually the same ones, as well as a pile of the Resolute 5 packs and tons of Mighty Muggs.

Star Wars really depends on the store.  TRU often has next to nothing, aside from a bunch of Yarnas, although I have seen TLC Wave 5 and the Fisto/Jar Jar CW wave there briefly.  Target is much the same.  WM has a mix of 5-6 figures, and lots of 'em: The Cantina trio from Wave 5, Legends SaeSee Tiin, Yarna and Breha, and that's about it.  They have started to get some CW animated stuff in lately too.  I've seen on TLC Wave 6 figure at retail here, a Captain Needa last week that has since sold.  I got this wave online, but I'm hoping it shows locally here soon as well to pick up some extra Hoth Soldiers.