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All gone
« on: October 2, 2003, 11:42 PM »
I bought a bunch of loose vintage figures and these are my doubles. I just started collecting loose vintage so if you want details on a figure just shoot me a PM.

Rebel Commando C9 (No Country Origin written)
Lando Skiff Guard C9+ (No Country Origin written)
Darth Vader C9 (One arm hole has a little tear)
2-1B C9+
Prune Face C10 (In sealed Kenner Baggie)
R2-D2 C8 (original)

Not Complete C8 or better
Nien Nunb C9 (No Origin written)
Boba Fett C9
Boba Fett C9+
2-1B C8.5(Has Oxygen type thing)
Greedo C9
Rebel Commando C9+
Rebel Commando C9
Ree Yees C9
IG-88 C8.5+
Zuckuss C9+
Hammerhead C9+
Luke Hoth C8 (Painted Face)
Luke Stormtrooper C8
Walrusman C9
Walrusman C8.5
Walrusman C8
AT-AT Commander C9
AT-AT Commander C8.5

Not Complete C7-C.7.5
Emperors Royal Guard (w/cape)C7
Emperors Royal Guard (w/cape) C7
C-3PO C7+ (original)
Han Hoth C7.5
Boba Fett C7
B-Wing Pilot C7
Luke X-Wing C7
Luke X-Wing C7
Bossk C7.5
Dengar C6.5+
Dengar C7.5+
Leia Bespin Gown C7.5+ (small tear in gown)
Death Squad Commander C7.5
Imperial Commander C7.5+
Leia Hoth C7


I still need a few hundred loose modern figures, so listing them here would be kind of crazy. Please send a list of your haves.

I would be very interested in the Green, yellow, and red 3 Packs of Clone Troopers.

I would also consider trades for loose complete vintage figures.

I'd also trade for the weapons from these figures:

Squid Head
Ree Yees
AT-AT Commander
Luke Hoth
Leia Hoth
AT-ST Driver

Thanks for looking.
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