Author Topic: 3 new Screen Scenes?! Your guesses...  (Read 1213 times)

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3 new Screen Scenes?! Your guesses...
« on: October 13, 2003, 02:45 AM »
Galactic Hunter's "Swami" is reporting:

Multi-packs to be released include themes from Naboo Final Battle, Pit of Carkoon, and Jedi Council (with Shaak-Ti).

I have to assume these will be new items for the already in progress Screen Scene line, which is absolutely great news in my books!  So, what do you folks think these next 3 sets might consist of?

Obviously the Naboo Final Battle will be Maul, Obi-Wan, and Qui-Gonn.  Of course we all have these figures already, but they should look pretty cool in a new little set with accurate background, I'd imagine.  Hopefully Hasbro will surprise us, and throw some great new sculpts of these characters in this set.  Won't hold my breath though...

Jedi Council (#3 I assume) - Shaak-Ti, as already mentioned, assumingly seated.  Who else?  We have all the rest of these Jedi now, so it's just a question of who else you'd like to have in a seated position first.  I guess I'd probably want a cloaked and seated Coleman Trebor first, followed by a cloaked Ki-Adi Mundi (he wasn't cloaked, was he).  If the third figure is standing, like in the previous two Jedi sets, at least give him/her articulated knees dammit!  Runners up: Plo-Koon and Saesee Tiin.

Last, and best of all, Pit of Carkoon - The possibilities are endless here!  Could just be Han, Lando & Chewie on a Skiff, but I'd rather it be a Skiff full of all new Skiff guards that we've yet to receive.  Don't recall their names right now, but you guys know who I'm talking about!  Sgt. Doalynn and a couple of the old Vintage goons that were slightly different than that previous Cinema Scene from a few years back.

Screen Scene party!  I like it!  Now give us some more.  There's so many great scenes out there to choose from, the possibilities and great ideas are endless!
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Re: 3 new Screen Scenes?! Your guesses...
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2003, 06:55 AM »
I'm just quoting myself from another thread here:

I'm certainly hoping that the multi-packs listed are Screen Scenes.  I think these have been reasonably successful items.  The Trash Compactor is nowhere to be found, and the Jedi Council and Geonosian War Chamber don't tend to hang around on shelves for too long.

A third Jedi Council set would be most welcome in my collection.  Having a Shaak Ti you can seat would be a nice bonus.  And since she's in the AOTC version of the Council, a seated Coleman Trebor would be cool, too.  A third member?  Perhaps a softgoods Plo Koon.

The Naboo Final Battle screams the Darth Maul/Qui-Gon Jinn/Obi-Wan kenobi duel to me.  I could see these released as two sets.  One with Qui-Gon dueling Darth Maul.  The second as Obi-Wan trapped behind the energy barrier, watching helplessly.

A Pit of Carkoon Screen Scene is a little puzzling to me.  It seems that it could be any of a number of things.  I'd be genuinely surprised if it's our heroes from the Skiff.  The only other settings I could see as likely candidates are the Sail Barge deck, with gunners, guards & Luke.  The other would be in Jabba's chamber on the Sail Barge, with his various alien hangers-on and C-3PO watching through the blinds.  Not terribly exciting stuff, though.  My money would be on the Sail Barge deck, as it might integrate with the POTJ Deluxe Leia's Sail Barge Cannon.

Just my two cents worth
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Re: 3 new Screen Scenes?! Your guesses...
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2003, 08:43 AM »
Well I am little confused about these are these the screen sceens or
Toy'r Us multi packs.

For the time being I going with screen sceen it make more common sense.  Now what could they be!!!!!!!

Battle of Naboo!!!! I have check out other boards and everybody is
saying that this abosutley screen Maul,Obi, and Qui-Gon.  I not to
sure about it might be a new Rep Been, Haidmaiden, Padme in
one of her new outfits!!!!!!

Jedi Council-Shaak Ti (chair is different),Ki-Adi Mundi , and possible
Eeth Koth!!!  this would only leave Sae-Sinn Tin,Adi Gallia, Colman Trebor
and Plo Koon to complete the sitting council.

Pit of Cartoon(Exciting)Deck of Sail Barge with vintage Nikto,Weequay(skiffmaster), Sgt Dollagn. there would be room enough to place the
dexule Slave Leia on board to recreate the sceen in ROJ.

Or could be inside the sail barge where we could get some more
of Jabba's patron such as the Resculpt  Bib Fortuna,  Hermi Odle, or  a Kaatu (Vintage Version

The Target Glasses sound very promising.  I have all three sets of the
Buger King Glasses. This could be a tribute to those glasses, and have exclusive figures coming with then are just begging for some new scum  from Mos Isly Cantina!!!!!!!

Jimmy can drop me an email if you found about this new items are these
legit!!!! Remember the email I sent you about the Hasbro Rep I talk to
He/She will be back this Saturday I will be able to find out more about
Lars Family Landspeeder and the Mositer Vaporiser that he/she talk about!!

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Re: 3 new Screen Scenes?! Your guesses...
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2003, 11:00 AM »
I think it is the Screen Scenes too!
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Re: 3 new Screen Scenes?! Your guesses...
« Reply #4 on: October 13, 2003, 11:32 AM »
If they are screen scenes I am mainly interested in the Jabba one.  I would hope it's something like Skiffmaster Weequay, Sgt Doallyn, and another henchmen.  

Final Battle - I am assuming Maul, Kenobi, and Jinn.  That would give Hasbro another excuse to get a Maul out there.  

Council - I guess just other members they don't have sitting yet.  

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Re: 3 new Screen Scenes?! Your guesses...
« Reply #5 on: October 13, 2003, 11:51 AM »
Maybe I'm just giving Hasbro WAAAYYY too much credit, but perhaps the Naboo Final Battle won't have anything to do with the lightsabre duel at all. Maybe this will be their way of finally getting the Ascension Gun Padmé or Sio Bibble to fans who missed out on the last waves of Episode I product.

Or maybe I'm just smokin' dope. ::)

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