Author Topic: Mcfarlane's Sentinel from Matrix serie 2.  (Read 1033 times)

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Mcfarlane's Sentinel from Matrix serie 2.
« on: November 15, 2003, 06:32 PM »
Picked up a sentinel from gamestop yesterday despite not being patince for the sentinel coming in from ;D (so yeah, I'm stuck with two of em :P)

Rating scale from 1-10. One being the worst, Ten being the best.

Sculpture: 9/10.

Wow! This is amazing! The sculpture is dead-on movie accurate. It is  splendiferous. However, I don't know if the sentinel is scaled with the 7 inch figuers or it scale with the up-coming 12 inch APU. Because from what I see, the squiddy is too small compared to a regular 7-inch matrix figuer from serie one. Whatever though. As long the squiddy is ******* awesome. ;D

Paintjob: 9.5/ 10
It magnificent. The  body of the squiddy has a worn-rusted tone paint-job, which look alright. The red-eye got sloppy here and there. No big deal though.

Feature: N/A
Nothing I can say about it except that you can pose the tentacles in any desireable pose.

I just can't stop looking at this splendorous, superb,  magnificent piece. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. It well worth $25 for a beautiful, well-sculpted toy.

Articulation: 9/10

The tentacles has MAJOR articulations. It can be pose in any desirable way. Some of the claws on the tentacles are articulated , sculpted closed and sculpted open. Which is a nice add, making the claws look more indivisual than the others. The little legs beneath the body of the squiddy are annoying. I say this because they fall off so easily since it ball-jointed articulated.

Overall: This thing is ******* awesome! The size of the squiddy is incredibly huge...and heavy! :o
The sucka weights at about 6 lbs. So when I mean huge, I'm talking BIG huge.  This is a must get for anyone who a die-hard Matrix fan. Heck, just get even if you hate the matrix. It'll make your toys collection look good. This sucka is well worth $25, which is a fair price for such a huge toy with major details and articulations.
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