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asajj ventress
« on: November 17, 2003, 09:02 PM »
okay, so i managed to get my hands on some new figures today... including:
name: asajj ventress
assortment: clone wars, wave 2

sculpt: i like it ;D - looks good. semi neutral, almost action pose. nice flowing cape and skirt-thingie. good facial expression, looks just like... uhm, the pictures i've seen.

paint: not much. dark neutral colors, black, gray, different gray... facial markings are nice and crisp.

articulation: neck - ball jointed to look up, down, left, right... shoulders - ball jointed... elbows - can turn around... hips/legs - standard... waist.

accessories: nice cape and skirt, 2 lightsabers that can join together to make a single, dual bladed saber... nice. skirt piece also has two holsters that can hold the lightsaber hilts... another really nice touch.

action feature: she can stand on her own!! okay, not an "action" feature, but a feature that not many figures can bost :)

final thoughts: a figure that i couldn't wait to get, definitely my favorite of the wave 2 clone wars. kinda gave me the same feeling that i had when i first got amanaman, or ephant mon... loved it from the minute i opened it up. very good figure...

score: 9/10 - nothing's perfect (except 300th fett), but with hasbro's track record as of late, this is as good as it gets ;D