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« on: November 17, 2003, 09:11 PM »
okay, so i managed to get my hands on some new figures today... including:
name: durge
assortment: clone wars, wave 2

sculpt: good sculpt, armor looks good, helmet looks good. hoses connect from waist to thighs (?)

paint: excellent paint job on the figure i picked up, but with this much paint and this much detail, this is just asking to be screwed up somewhere. i expect a ton of variants, all missing some kind of emblem or paint spot.

articulation: neck - standard... shoulders - ball jointed... hips/legs - standard... that's it. again, compared with the durge that came with that speeder bike, this one has almost no articulation. the speeder durge has like 14 or 16 points of articulation, which is awesome, but why not give this figure the same amount?

accessories: backpack, bola (?) that's impossible for him to hold, blaster rifle and 2 blaster pistols.

action feature: none, thanks hasbro ;D

final thoughts: compared to the speeder bike durge, this one sucks ass. horrible figure, and one that could have been - and has been - done so much better.

score: 3/10