Author Topic: Luke Skywalker, Jabba's Palace - NEW FORMAT! PICTURES! SO COOL!  (Read 957 times)

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I figured since everyone is getting so in-depth and high-tech with their reviews, it's about time I start catching up. And in order to do that I'm bolding the categories and adding a high quality photo of the figure in each review. I'm so cool.

It looks pretty damn good! The face is a little off, but this is easily the best Luke I've seen so far. If I had the time/money to do any Luke customs, this is the face I'd choose.

Very good. Shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck, waist, legs, knees, and shins. That's 14 points, I think. Sweet stuff. My only complaint is the lack of ball-joints. Woulda been a tad better. Either way...

There's quite a bit you can do here, I'm very pleased.

A little base, lightsaber, and pistol. They could have given us a plain hilt so our Luke could wear it, but oh well. No complaints.

One of the best figures Hasbro's made (do note that this is the latest figure I've gotten, I'm still awaiting the next wave). Bottom line, if you haven't got Luke, then get him! Ask around in the classifieds, if you have to - just pick him up.
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Re: Luke Skywalker, Jabba's Palace - NEW FORMAT! PICTURES! SO COOL!
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Great review there Brad!  Maybe you should do JD's reviews instead of Jesse...  ::)   ;D