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RX-24 (REX)
« on: January 24, 2003, 01:05 PM »
this could belong in the Toy Sectiojn, but I won it, so it is Star Tours  

so, after getting home from School, there was a package waiting for me (I thought from Matt), but after seeing the adres, it was from R2DToys

I opened it, the card was wrapped in bubble plastic, and is in GREAT condition !

After turning the card, I saw it has Japanese Stickers on them ? (are they rare ?)
I decided to keep it Carded (for now.. I have NO idea if I will open it later.)

I saw the fig IRL at F.A.C.T.S. but was way over my budget (35 EUR EACH !)

but holding it in my hands, is too good for words...

I love the fig bigtime !!!

The Likenes: dead on
Articulation: (I keep it carded, but it has) 4 rotation levels on body, Arms, Head and Visor
Paint Job: Very good! , not much paint, butwith Lot's of details
Accesoires: like any Star Tours fig: None, but it would be great to see some base in it.

Grade: A +++

thoughts: I finaly get it... It looks great, is cool... and I feel so good now