Author Topic: We Need More Of Jabba's Goons!  (Read 2191 times)

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We Need More Of Jabba's Goons!
« on: March 8, 2004, 12:42 PM »
The recent Jabba's Palace Wave has whetted my appetitie even more for some neat-o background aliens that people seem to be screaming for...again for me the big 6 are:

Hermi Odle
Yarna D'al Gargan
Sgt Doallyn
Weequay Skiff Master
Klaatu Palace Version
Vintage Nikto

I also really want:

Kitahaba (they totally blew this one in the 4 pack >:()
Harc Seff (The Ishi Tib in the Palace)
Weequay seen on Jabba's Barge
Yoxgit (The Ugnaught)
Fozec (ICMG in disguise)
Giran (The other Rancor Keeper)
Geezum (Snivvian)

I see people who really want Bane Malar, and I'd be fine if we got one but he's EU, I'd take any of the above ahead of him.  I also would buy a new Bib and Gammorrean Guard but they are not at all high on my wishlist for resculpts either

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Re: We Need More Of Jabba's Goons!
« Reply #1 on: March 9, 2004, 10:01 AM »
I really want both versions of Sgt. Doallyn (Skiff and Palace). I've seen several customs of him, but none are really "perfect" because the guy's helmet.

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Re: We Need More Of Jabba's Goons!
« Reply #2 on: March 9, 2004, 10:30 AM »
I'd dig:

-Hermi Odle...  High on my list of figures overall that I'd like to see done.  I want him to come with a basket of apples to eat too...  

-Sgt. Doalynn...  Just a cool looking dude, and I agree that both outfits would be cool.  It's tough to tell if they're similar outfits.  I know his Skiff one's a jumpsuit, but his palace one is tough to tell.  If it's a jumpsuit too, it'd be a great running variation like the Dignitaries or Endor Soldier head variations.

-Giran (2nd Rancor Keeper)...  I like the consoling he gave to Malakili and the squeeky voice he had.  Cool guy...

-Bib Fortuna resculpt...  I'm surprised this isn't higher on your list Scott.  His figure SUCKS...  Absolutely horrible looking.  I'd love a new one with a softgoods cloak like the vinty figure.

-Weequay Skiffmaster...  High on my list for a while now.  Real braids would be a neat feature for a more poseable head, and a working holster across his hip.  

-Nikto (Vintage)...  Would love him wiht a removable helmet...  

-Kithaba...  I'd dig a new sculpt instead of repainting the 3-pack one though...  Working holster would be neat, as would a removable headband (for us customizers).  

-Klaatu...  Jabba's Palace version of course, with removable helmet and goatskin skirt piece like the vintage figure.  

-Gammorean resculpt...  Not ultra high on my list, but I'd like oone nonetheless...  Poseable wrists to hold a pike or axe doublehanded, and a working holster for Luke to bogart a pistol from.

-Frozec...  I've always wanted this guy too, and maybe as a running change they could do the white guy in similar duds that was on the skiff.  A new head and stuff...  Slight retooling is all.  

-Human Guard on Jabba's Barge...  He's a guy that looks like Randy Quaid firing a deck cannon.  He's got on a grey jumpsuit and one of those winter hats with the ear covers that fold up and a brim that folds up...  Check the back of Deluxe Slave Leia's card as I think he's pictured on it.  I love this guy!  Make him with a deck gun and he'd rock.

-Jabba's Dais with Fanning Ewok...  Not a goon really, but it'd be neat to get a fanning Ewok figure packed in with a good Dais, and perhaps faux fur rugs for Jabba to lay about on.

-NEW SKIFF/Carbonite HAN SOLO...  Damn, this figure needs redone, plain and simple.  Removable heads for a blinded/slicked hair Han and a dried up Han.  Include the dissolving binders from ESB too though, and a nice slab to encase Captain Solo...  

-Leia as Boush resculpt...  I'd dig a redo of her with some better poseability, a thermal detonator that attaches to her belt or something...

-Chewie in chains...  I'd even take Cloud City Escape Chewie with slightly new arms (less bent) and a new head that includes a removable chain.  Be cool to me...  

-Droid Torture rack with pull-apart 2-1B...  It'd be cool to me too, dunno why.

-Sarlacc playset...  Be neat if it had a feature where it could electronically grab and pull a figure inside it somehow...  Like hungry hungry hippos or something.  Make it like a base type thing...  

-Jabba's Barge vehicle...  It's a dream, that's all..  To-scale, comes apart at each deck for interior play, all window panels open...  It'd be so sweet, and look great with the sarlac set...  Oh well, it's just a dream I guess. :)
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Re: We Need More Of Jabba's Goons!
« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2004, 12:18 AM »

I am pretty happy with what he have gotten from Jabba's Palace recently, but there certainly additions I would like to see in the line soon.  I doubt we will see any of these though until after the EPIII line starts integrating into the other movies:

- Ak-Rev
- Ishi Tib
- Rock Wart
- Sgt Doallyn
- Hermie Odle
- Oola resculpt
- Malaki resculpt
- Yarna the lard dancer
- Weequay 2nd Skiff Guard

Also I would love to see some sort of Sarlacc Pit playset like suggested by Jesse.  And someday, somehow, I am going to buy one of those mammoth Sail Barges listed on ebay.  I doubt Hasbro is ever going to offer such an item (and if they do it wouldn't be as detailed anyway).  And the reason I didn't pick for Bib Fortuna to be redone is b/c I really, really like the custom I did of one.  And I think a TPM version needs to be made first anyway.


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Re: We Need More Of Jabba's Goons!
« Reply #4 on: March 12, 2004, 08:31 AM »
I am happy with what Hasbro has given us in regard to Jabba's Palace this year.  But it would be so awesome to get Hermi Odle, Klaatu(palace), Ishi Tib (palace), Skiffmaster Weequay, Sgt Doallyn, Rock Worrt, Ak-Revand Yarna.  I would be content with those releases.  

It was great to see them give us J'Quille, Elom, Bubo, and Rappertunie.  

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Re: We Need More Of Jabba's Goons!
« Reply #5 on: July 27, 2004, 10:27 AM »
On the other end of the Spectrum we have Jabba's Palace and while I'd give my right nut to get a Hermi Odle the recent revelations that Hasbro took a loss on Ephant make the Hermi chances slim to absolute zero

There's a good 12-15 figures they could still cull from the ranks of the Palace which makes the TRU 4 Pack make my blood boil even more...idiots

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Re: We Need More Of Jabba's Goons!
« Reply #6 on: July 27, 2004, 10:58 AM »
Well, it seems that if they put Hermi Odle in the deluxe line, we might have a better shot of getting him.
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Re: We Need More Of Jabba's Goons!
« Reply #7 on: July 27, 2004, 11:58 AM »
My current Top Five (in no particular order) wants from Jabba's Palace:

1.  Giran - Jr. Rancor Keeper:

2.  Ak-Rev (Weequay Drummer) - Help round out that Jabba Band:

3.  Hermi Odle - I agree, he'd have to be a DLX figure:

4.  Sgt. Doallyn - Krayt Hunter, Palace Goon:

5.  Yarna d'Al G'argan:
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