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Review of Luke Skywalker - Dagobah Training
« on: June 12, 2004, 11:43 PM »
Review of Luke Skywalker - Dagobah Training

My friend got a case early and was nice enough to give me an extra Luke! It's a great figure, worthy of a review. :)

Sculpt - The sculpt is really good. The first set of arms are sculpted in a way that they can't really do much else besides hold the backpack straps. They are detailed with some brown paint, which really looks like mud. The first head is pretty good also. It looks pretty much like Luke, and the hair was done really well. It's messy just like in the movie. The second set of arms are sculpted in a way that they can't do much besides be placed in the handstand pose. The second head is really funny looking, and I kind of like it. The body sculpt is great. The pants have a convincing amount of wrinkles and the shirt is sculpted well also.

Articulation - There are six points of articulation of this figure. It's a pretty good amount for an average figure, but I expected this figure to be more articulated since Luke did a lot of flexing during his training.

Paint - The paint job on this figure is great. Surprisingly, there is no paint bleeding on my sample. The "mud" paint apps look good, even though they are just simple paint strokes.

Accessories - Luke comes with a base and backpack straps. That's right folks; the geniuses at Hasbro devised a way for kids to want the Yoda figure (which is great looking either way) by putting only straps in with the Luke figure and the backpack part with the Yoda figure.

Overall - This is the best Luke Dagobah ever. We haven't really had much of a Dagobah selection in the past, so I'm not sure how much that means. I really like the two sets of arms and heads included in one box. Hasbro could've milked us by making two different versions, but they were really nice to give us both for the price of one. Overall, I give this a 9/10. It has some bad parts, but I really can't complain about such a fun toy!