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Re: adult swim
« Reply #30 on: August 20, 2010, 01:37 PM »
Don't really care for piss poor animation and crude subject manner I guess.  I've just been sticking to the Fox stuff.

Not trying to tease you, but that just reads like such a hilarious contradiction. Fox has built an empire on poor animation and crude subject matter, IMO. King of the Hill makes my eyes bleed it is so poorly drawn. And nothing stoops as low as Family Guy, God bless 'em.  ;D

Adult Swim started when I was in college and will always be special. There have been some great shows on there, and more than a few pilots that should have become shows. (AHEM - Korgoth, BEST THING EVER)

I can get with about 85% of the programming now. No interest in the schlocky anime they run, or the endless reruns of Family Guy or American dad, but most everything else is gold.

Best things right now:

ATHF (Probably done though)
SQUIDBILLIES (Freaking unstoppably hilarious)
VENTURE BROS (I really think they need to cut it back to 12 minutes like everything else though)
SUPERJAIL (Words cannot even describe the brilliance, perverse and mondo-violent)
METALOCALYPSE (Seriously - animation + death metal? It's like they ripped the show right out of my brain!)

And last but certainly the opposite of least: CHECK IT OUT with Dr. Steve Brule!!!!!!!

You either love this show or hate it - there is no in-between. I think it's the most screamingly funny epic thing on TV ever, but then I actually watch low budget cable access shows, so there you go.

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