Author Topic: Star Wars CCG (Decipher and WOTC) For Sale  (Read 488 times)

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Star Wars CCG (Decipher and WOTC) For Sale
« on: October 31, 2004, 03:09 AM »
Hey there folks!

Up for sale is my entire collection of Star Wars TCG cards. I have cards ranging from the Premiere set from Decipher, up to the Attack Of The Clones set from Wizards of the Coast, and everything in between.

I have at least 500 cards in my collection. I have too many to name off individually, but I will tell you there are a lot of rares.

All I am asking for all these cards is $40 (includes shipping). If anyone is interested, please PM me or e-mail me at:

Thank you for your time!


P.S.- For references, my Ebay name is: SWTCollector
I am also willing to trade them for some of my wants in the "Wants/Haves" section.
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