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One more positive for the great Canadian terror trader!  If Membraneman weren't around, Brent here just might be the SW Trading King of the Planet.  But as long as Bob is still around, Brent will always be second fiddle.  Oh well...  At least Bob's getting kinda long in the tooth, so maybe that torch will be passed along soon to ya' Brent!   ;D

Always a pleasure Brent!  But if you write "Lakers Suck" on one more package, you may never see anything coming out of Southern California again!   :-*

Always a pleasure to deal with a Canadian.  8)
Even though I am anti-mouse at heart, I have to admit the Star Wars Weekends poster is really cool.  ;D

Jango Fettish:
What hasn't been said about Brent. Guess I can't use explicitives here, so I'll just say, like all our 1,000 other deals, he paid quick, and always kept in touch.

This Labatt's for you.   ;D

My first transcation with Brent went smooth. Even though we had to wait awhile for our Kubricks to arrive from Japan, all went well.
Just hope you get a variant.  ;)

I look forward to dealing with this fellow Canucklehead in the future.  

Brent is the man....traded with him twice and I've been happy happy happy!


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