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In either Lee's or Tomarts  I noticed that Dusty Trail Toys has a line planned for 2005 that is going to be 3 3/4 in Wild West Figures.  I am probably the only one on a Sci Fi board that is not only looking forward to this, but has taken the time to do up a dream list.  Just in case there is another fan of the American Frontier West I'll post it here.

So far they have listed/pictured:

A stage coach with 2 running horses, a driver and guy riding "shotgun" pics of the guys, but the Coach and Horses look good.

A Gatling Gun
A Cannon
A Tombstone inspired "Cowboy" almost like Curly Bill
A "Doc Holliday" looking figure
A "Wyatt Earp" looking Marshall
A Mexican Vaquero nice big sombrero on this guy.

They seem to have articulation in the Knees, waist, Elbows, wrists, neck but you know how Prototypes are...

So that is what is listed.  I'd give up all my pre OTC figures if this line would take off.  I was always a Cowboy as a kid growing up (until Star Wars came along)

Here is my WISH/WANT list:

a "Dude" dweller in the frontier with the bowler and suit (very Sheriff Behan if you've seen Tombstone)

a Cavalry Soldier with horse
a Cavalry Officer with horse (not just Yellow Hair Custer)
a Cavalry Soldier (Buffalo Soldier) with horse  (no matter what line I collect Army Building always has a place)

Apache indian (but not just Geronimo,but generic Braves too)
Sioux Indian  (not just Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull but Braves)

The rest of the OK Corral Guys to include: Virgil, Morgan and some Clantons and McLaurys

A Texas Cowboy
A Northern Plains Cowboy (yes there is a difference and both need Horses and a couple of "Doggies" to round up)

A Texas Ranger (but not Walker or Nolan Ryan)

A Pony Express Rider

Buffalo Bill


If they Do a Prairie Schooner,  I assume it would come with a Sod buster family

Maybe the James-Younger Gang but I don't know how long a span they are using, the magazine article mentioned 1880's....

Saloon Girls...Fan Boys LOVE Saloon Girls

Oh well I am sure there are more  I could list, but this is a start.

Jesse James:
The only one?  Hah!

I scoff at you Paul!  :)

Actually, I'd dig outlaws as a sub-series...

-Billy the Kid...  Hell, even a series of "Young Guns" that fleshes out the other "regulators".

-My namesake...  Jesse James.  I'd dig a younger version when he was doing a lotta his work, and an older version when he was shot.

-Cole & Frank Younger
-Frank James
-Arkansas Dave Routabah

I'd love some Native American figures too...  Much needed, much appreciated if they're accurate.

If I can get this toy mag they're pictured in, I'll see what I can dig up and post here Paul. 

If it's in the Star Wars scale, has great features like removable hats/headgear and working holsters (ala the old Butch & Sundance and Lone Ranger lines), then I'm all over this line...  Articulation sounds good already.

I just hope it's accurate and realistic...  Even if it isn't using names.

I'd dig it if they delved into Civil War too...  Take the extra step and start cranking out figures from one of the most popular eras in American history.  I think that line would take off like a rocket given the already HUGE market they have going for it.  Toy Soldier fans would eat that alive...  They say 1:6 ventures into the Civil War era are HUGELY successful.

I'm jonesin' for more already.

Hell, I want a Custer figure to make as a Star Wars custom...  Have him surrounded by indigenous, hostile, aliens.  :)

Lee's Toy Review, Issue #146 Dec 2004 Page 37.

I'm not sure if they are going to use the real names, I was just trying to give descriptions that people would be able recognize.

The "Doc Holliday" even has a tin cup.

And the 4 figures I've seen pics of look accurate, but it is one photo.

I remember Butch and Sundance...I even had the War Wagon, but was dissappointed about the molded in Gunner.

I still have my Legend of the Lone Ranger figs.  I had/have extra horses from the Zorro Line so that not everybody is riding Scout and Smoke.

I think there would be several good variations of your namesake.  Early Early when he was still a "Raider", with Colt 1860 Army's and the bib-style emboridered shirt, the Outlaw Years with a Long Coat (I guess that is more Northfield days) and then the Later years.

I also think if they opened up the Civil War door, it would be awesome.

But you hold the key in the phrase "If they are accurate"...

Angry Ewok:
Civil War troops would be pretty cool indeed. I've yet to see any Series 3 pics, but it sounds pretty nice.

Jesse James:
I'd like to see ANY pics.  You guys got any scanners? :)

Civil War...  Could you guys imagine?

LA Tiger ZOuaves,
NY Zouaves
Federal Sharpshooters
PA soldiers (I'd dig that)
Maine Troops
NY Irish Brigade Troops
Confdederate regulars
Navy (How cool would some federal seamen look?)

Maybe figures of Grant, Lee, Stuart, Jackson, McLellan, Sherman, Burnside, Pickett...

Hell I'd take a Lincoln and Davis even...  A John Wilkes Booth...  I'd be all over that era like white on rice.


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