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Dusty Trail Toys new "Wild West" Line

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The Cannon definately begs for  a crew.  I don't know ACW like I do WWII or Nam, but it looks like a Medium sized gun, bigger than a Napoleon.  I can even see a Caison (sp?) in the background of one pic.

I have a scanner at the office, I'll see what I can do either tomorrow or Tues.

The gatling gun looks cool too.
But I don't know how big the crew is for one of those.

If they don't do ACW, the customs possiblities would be there if they made weapons from an early enough period.  If they do a Wild Bill Hicock, he SHOULD come with 2 1851 Navy Revolvers....

Jesse James:
Gatling Crews were similar to cannon crews in #'s.

I just hope they do these figures justice.

Do pieces look removable on them?  Working holsters and things?

Jedi Idej:
I can go for these If done well in 1/18 scale, mostly for the potential custom fodder, but also for my fondness for the Old West. And of course, just as I type that, the only two people I can think of are Sitting Bull and Custer. And Annie Oakley.

Jesse James:
In old west attire I'd dig lots of Indians, lots of generic Cowboys and gunslingers...

Tons of great ideas, it's just hard to think of them off-hand.

I think Wyatt Earp and DOc Holiday and a "Cowboy" are good starters though...  Generic Stagecoach team are good too.

Power Team Elite make a great horse that's articulated...  If they take that concept and run with it, ti could be a truly impressive line.

I'm looking at it for fodder too though Idej...  Too easy not to.

Ok, I'm just going to have to scan the page in....but yes to working holsters.  I can't tell on the removable hats thing.  From what I can tell NO to removable belts.  But the Head Sculpts look really good  and yes the guys that custom would love them, assuming facial hair is a good thing in your custom world.

And don't forget the Mexican "Vaquero" who looks very much like a "Bandito" but I am sure will not be called that.  Big Sombrero and a Bandolier

As far as the personal weaponsl goes  from the Photos I can see:

Colt Single Actions (but not the big Wyatt Earp Ned Buntline Barrel, the shorter medium sized barrel)
Double Barrel Shotgun (short Coach gun Barrel)
Winchester 1873

I've seen the PTE Horses recently, they are a good start.  The Horses shown for the Stagecoach look to be pre-posed in a full gaited run.  But the write up says it will come with 4 Horses. 

Since we are fans of other lines, we all know that the majority of the figures end up being "Personality" figures, I just hope the line does well enough to get them to the point that they will make some generic townsfolk/pioneers type.

The one thing I have observed about Dusty Trail is that they will do a variant or two (like the Pirate Captain in the 7 inch line).

Do you think it would be too much like stalking if I wrote them and email and told them I wanted to go ahead and order a case.  Or at least find out where I can buy them...I just think these will get limited space in magazines/websites because the women don't wear spandex, and the only media to support them are History Books and who reads those...

ok as the wish list grows:
Bat Masterson
The Dalton Boys (Emmit, Grat, Bob)
John Wesley Hardin (if for no other reason to get some interesting six-guns)
Nat Love (I would have put Bill Picket, but he is more 1895-1900's)

Indian Scouts ( the Apache look the best with their pants, loin cloth and Blue Coat)

and here is one I am not sure of in our politically correct world:
Chinese Railroad worker, everybody knows it was their sweat and toil that laid the rails, I just don't know if it would be perceived as an Oppression or an Homage.


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