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Terminator (Aliens, Predator, Etc.)... 4" Scale.

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Jesse James:
Sounds like it's maybe coming...  No pictures yet, but I guess some stuff was previewed this past year at a show.  It is indeed in the Star Wars scale as well.

Veeeerrrrrrrryyyyy interesting.

I'm wanting some resistance fighters and Endoskeletons!!!  An Arnold figure for customs is just gonna be funny as hell too.

Hmm... who's making this?  Could be cool.

Jesse James:
Palisades, who cranked out those 1:18 scale figures for Army of Darkness.  The Terminator line's described specifically as "an army builder" line.

OOOooooooo *Drool*

I'm not even THAT into Terminator, but I can see the potential for that film's "universe" being a kickass one to get into with soldiers and such...  And of course I'm open to any new "fodder" arriving for customizing,b ut I'm thinking some of this stuff could be kick ass on its own too.

I dream of the day they make a super articulated 1:18 scale Predator/Aliens line with Colonial Marines...  I can only imagine the coolness that would spew forth of a toy line like that.

Those AoD figures are articulated nicely but I hear they're fragile ala a McFarlane figure.  I gotta find some of them to buy even in my area to see first hand.  I wanted some skeletons from them anyway.

Terminator could kick ass.  Who doesn't want a custom Star Wars senator that has Arnold's head on it, ya know?  :)

Soundes interesting, but there are too many lines i would love to buy but not enough money or space to get them.

I had absolutely no interest in Army of Darkness. Never saw the Evil Dead movies. But I couldn't resist picking up almost every 4-inch figure Palisades offered for that line. By comparison, I'm far more interested in T-2, so like you, Jesse, I'm drooling over this announcement. I'll have a 4-inch scale Iron Man leading my Clone Troopers into battle against a few endoskeletons and a platoon of battle droids.

--- Quote from: Jesse James on January 28, 2005, 05:30 AM ---I dream of the day they make a super articulated 1:18 scale Predator/Aliens line with Colonial Marines...
--- End quote ---

No Colonial Marines yet, but if you don't mind building the Aliens and Predators yourself, check out these Snap Kits. I have a Warrior Alien, a Grid Alien, and a Predator and they're pretty frickin' cool. So long as you dip the parts in boiling water before you snap them together, they're pretty easy to put together and look great alongside Star Wars figures.


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