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Terminator (Aliens, Predator, Etc.)... 4" Scale.

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Jesse James:
Holy **** MisterPL, you sir rock!  :)  Now to figure out where they are to order at AHQ.

Jesse James:
 :-\  Well, it seems like they don't have many of them, and those they do have are sold out for the most part (not all)...  That sorta sucks.

I wonder where I could get a case, and what it'd run me?  I'd dig having one of those chase figures, bigtime!

Yeah, I'm hanging on to my McFarlane and Kenner Alien Queen figures until I decide which one is closer to the 4-inch scale. (Suggestion?)

Hopefully ActionH-Q will restock. The kits ran for about $10 each, but a bit more for the chase figures as I recall.

And don't forget there's a 4-inch Star Trek line coming out in Japan as well. No word on who's doing it, but since Art Asylum has worldwide rights to the property, they're acting as creative directors and are reportedly offering a convention exclusive this summer. Should be interesting.

Hopefully we'll see something at Toy Fair. Can't wait to see the T-2 line.

Jesse James:
The aliens...  That's a toughie on scale because they varied in the films even, but the costume was actually a guy in it in the original alien, and also in Aliens too I believe (at least at times), and so the height's about that of an average dude...

I've never compared the kenner figures to Hasbro SW figures, but if I held one of those aliens next to VOTC Han, Bespin Capture Han, etc. and it matched up fairly well (little taller but looked like an average size guy in a big costume), then I would think highly of the scale... 

I want to get some of those figures.  Some are in stock I just am not real high on fundage right now...  I could definitely at least use an alien and a predator...  Just something for a little taste of what the others would be like.

This talk of 4"-ish scaled figures really has me jonesing even more for figures in this scale.

LOTR right now would be my ultimate pick for the 1:18-ish scale treatment...  Star Trek would be right up there though so those sound intriguing.

What I like about those kits you showed me Mr.PL is that they appear to actually yield a VERY poseable figure.  As poseable or more so than most any SW figure short of perhaps a SA figure.  I'm intrigued and may just get a couple of what they do have to test them out...  Pose 'em next to a Stormie squad like they're ripping them apart. :)

Jesse James:

I hope the T2 line isn't limited to like Arnie, an Endo Termie, or things like that...  The line was described specifically as an "army builder" toy line... 

Could it be we'll see resistance fighter/Endo Skeleton 2-packs?  Perhaps a vehicle or two?  That'd be some ideal stuff.  The human resistance aspect of the Terminator series always intrigued me more than the time-travel storylines...  I preferred the flashback scenes MUCh more.  That's a series unto itself that I'd watch intently.


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