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Terminator (Aliens, Predator, Etc.)... 4" Scale.

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Jesse James:
Endoskeletons make GREAT Star Wars robot custom fodder, E.  I highly recommend them.  Sometimes a swap with a droid head of a random type, maybe an arm swap or something.  Very little work  needed.  Hell, just laying around in a pile at Watto's looks fine.

I'm gonna hit Dollar Tree and nab what I can now.  All those figures were good custom fodder ultimately.

Jesse James:
So I decided to look for some snap kit aliens from Hot Toys.  Buying cases back in the day was apparently a very wise investment on my part. ;D Wow!

Saw a Kyle Reese from the original Terminator movie at TRU recently.  I think that as a whole, NECA has been doing a great job with their licenses.  I actually know a couple of people over there, and they're cool.  But as for Kyle Reese?  The facial likeness just looks off.  The rest of the figure nailed the griminess of Reese from the movie, since he looked like an 80's vintage homeless guy.  But the face just didn't look enough like Michael Biehn.

Jesse James:
I've wanted this for a while but I picked up a MISB Kenner Alien Queen Hive playset...  It's 3.75" scaled, so the Queen's massive and impressive looking.  She'll look sharp with my Hot Toys Xenomorphs and stuff.  I wish I could amass a nice nest of Snapkit eggs but they're pricey, as are the eggs that come with the Takara ones (obviously).  I have a little Predator/Aliens/Star Wars crossover going on and it's awesome. :)

You know the Empire would've totally tried weaponizing Aliens.

Jesse James:
Received, and I swear to god the goop is still good I think.  Sloshing the can around, I hear it making a pretty solid sound but not hard...  sounds still rubbery.  I'm surprised.


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