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Jesse James:
I'm not a big statue/minibust fan myself...  I'm intrigued by Sideshow, a relatively small company, jumping into this though with a Star Wars license, and I'm also curious to see how this:

A) affects Unleashed, as 1/4" statues, to me, would be superior to Unleashed.


B) How this is going to be perceived by other lines that are similar, such as the minibusts from GG...  And the die-hard collectors of said lines.

Very curious...  Seems like they've stirred the pot.

I was certainly flabergasted because I, at first, thought it was some secret maneuver that Hasbro had dumped 12" rights to others and that Sideshow picked it up.  Their 1:6 scale action figures are quite amazing.

well, i don't really see it affecting the unleashed line personally, since they are going to be statues and not figures - meaning the price tag is going to be higher. i would have to guess somewhere around the $150 range. if they are going to 1/4 scale, that would put the average statue at around 18" tall, correct? 1 inch in scale = 4 inches in real life, meaning that there would be 3" per foot in scale. if the average human is 6' tall, that would be 18", or am i doing something wrong?

Jesse James:
That'd be right Dave...  1/4 scale comes to 18" tall for a 6' tall character its to represent.

I wish Sideshow could get the 12 inch rights cause their dolls would rock so much more than what Hasbro attempts.

Yeah I would be more excited about 12" figures than new statues...


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