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Wait, these are statues and not action figures? I read the article at Sideshow and I think you guys got things backward unless there's another article besides this one that says otherwise. They're referring to these things as figures and not statues.

I guess we'll all see when the pics from Comic Con come out.

I have no idea (I'll find out in 3 days ;^)

If I had to guess, I'd say they'll be statues.

By the way, thier approach to exclusives-ordering them on the net, then picking them up at the con absolutely rules!

I hope we see that idea expanded and used for CIII, but I doubt it.

Jesse James:
Sideshow makes other items in the same scale.  I think they're blurring the term "figure" with what these truly are, which are more or less statues.

Hasbro does it as well, when one thinks of the relative unposeability of many "figures" they've made, but they're still called figures by the company.

These will most likely be just nice, large, statues.  

Sideshow does some 12" figures that are true masterpieces, and really poseable.  THOSE are action figures.  :)

18" Action Figures

I was misled to believe they'd be more articulated as they really are. Their articulation seems to vary depending on who the figure is of. Still, it seems to be very limited. The arms are usually what are most poseable. They're all very impressive and my desire to see them has no changed any. These beat the Unleashed (which I do not collect nor do I really even like) anyday. I'd love to own them but the price is way too high. Perhaps I'll manage to snag at least one as gift of some sort.

RS reports that this is Han Solo from Sideshow Collectibles.  I didn't know Han was coming out and if this is the kind of work they do then I guess I have a new collection to start!!

*Image is from RS coverage*


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