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Jesse James:
I so want the PF Tarkin, but price kills it for me.  I love all things GMT, but just can't see a logical excuse in me that would justify this much for one thing to add to my collection.  Not at this stage of my life anyway.  :'(  Maybe down the road and hopefully for less, haha.

A 1/6 figure and I'd probably have caved.

Finally pulled the trigger on my first Sideshow figure and got the Holiday Yoda.

Does anyone know if there are known edition sizes for these and if the figures/statues are individually numbered like Gentle Giant busts?  I couldn't seem to find either on my Holiday Yoda.

I have a PF Vader and Ben, and they are both numbered on the bottom of the base, so I'd assume all of their PF would be the same.  But perhaps with it being a Xmas-themed item, they didn't feel it was necessary?  That would seem odd though.

edit - Do you mean the 1/6 scale figure?  I found it on SS's site, but they don't seem to list the edition size.  Strange.  I'm pretty sure the 1/6 figures usually have a set edition as well.

I got a few Sideshow gift cards at the SDCC, Just PM me if you want one and I'll give you the code.

Anyone have any gift cards from SDCC or were there any this year? 

Seriously considering the PF Snowtrooper.   :o


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